Before the release

  • Make sure version number is correct or update version in Config.kt
  • Update CHANGELOG
    • Use milestone and commit log for identifying interesting changes
  • Generate API docs for release
    • In the repository root run: ./automation/docs/
  • Close milestone
    • Milestone should be 100% complete. Incomplete issues should have been moved in planning meeting.


  • Create a new tag/release on GitHub.
    • Tag: v2.0 (v prefix!)
    • Release 2.0
  • Wait for taskcluster to complete successfully
  • Check that new versions are on

After the release

  • Send release message to Slack
    *Android Components 0.17 Release* (:ocean:)
    Release notes:
  • Send release message to mailing lists
    • Call out other interesting news, e.g. “Project X started using component Y”
  • Update version number in repository