android-components / org.mozilla.telemetry / Telemetry


open class Telemetry (source)


Name Summary
<init> Telemetry(configuration: TelemetryConfiguration, storage: TelemetryStorage, client: TelemetryClient, scheduler: TelemetryScheduler)


Name Summary
addPingBuilder open fun addPingBuilder(builder: TelemetryPingBuilder): Telemetry
getBuilders open fun getBuilders(): MutableCollection<TelemetryPingBuilder>
getClient open fun getClient(): TelemetryClient
getClientId open fun getClientId(): String
Returns the unique client id for this installation (UUID).
getConfiguration open fun getConfiguration(): TelemetryConfiguration
getPingBuilder open fun getPingBuilder(pingType: String): TelemetryPingBuilder
Returns a previously added ping builder or null if no ping builder of the given type has been added.
getStorage open fun getStorage(): TelemetryStorage
queueEvent open fun queueEvent(event: TelemetryEvent): Telemetry
queuePing open fun queuePing(pingType: String): Telemetry
recordActiveExperiments open fun recordActiveExperiments(activeExperimentsIds: MutableList<String>): Telemetry
Records the list of active experiments
recordExperiments open fun recordExperiments(experiments: MutableMap<String, Boolean>): Telemetry
Records all experiments the client knows of in the event ping.
recordSearch open fun recordSearch(location: String, identifier: String): Telemetry
Record a search for the given location and search engine identifier. Common location values used by Fennec and Focus: actionbar: the user types in the url bar and hits enter to use the default search engine listitem: the user selects a search engine from the list of secondary search engines at the bottom of the screen suggestion: the user clicks on a search suggestion or, in the case that suggestions are disabled, the row corresponding with the main engine
recordSessionEnd open fun recordSessionEnd(onFailure: () -> Unit): Telemetry
open fun recordSessionEnd(): Telemetry
recordSessionStart open fun recordSessionStart(): Unit
scheduleUpload open fun scheduleUpload(): Telemetry
setDefaultSearchProvider open fun setDefaultSearchProvider(provider: DefaultSearchEngineProvider): Telemetry