android-components / / TelemetryCorePingBuilder


open class TelemetryCorePingBuilder : TelemetryPingBuilder (source)

This mobile-specific ping is intended to provide the most critical data in a concise format, allowing for frequent uploads. Since this ping is used to measure retention, it should be sent each time the app is opened.


Name Summary
<init> TelemetryCorePingBuilder(configuration: TelemetryConfiguration)


Name Summary
TYPE static val TYPE: String


Name Summary
getDefaultSearchMeasurement open fun getDefaultSearchMeasurement(): DefaultSearchMeasurement
getExperimentsMeasurement open fun getExperimentsMeasurement(): ExperimentsMeasurement
getSearchesMeasurement open fun getSearchesMeasurement(): SearchesMeasurement
getSessionCountMeasurement open fun getSessionCountMeasurement(): SessionCountMeasurement
getSessionDurationMeasurement open fun getSessionDurationMeasurement(): SessionDurationMeasurement

Inherited Functions

Name Summary
build open fun build(): TelemetryPing
canBuild open fun canBuild(): Boolean
generateDocumentId open fun generateDocumentId(): String
getConfiguration open fun getConfiguration(): TelemetryConfiguration
getType open fun getType(): String