android-components / org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement / TelemetryMeasurement


abstract class TelemetryMeasurement (source)


Name Summary
<init> TelemetryMeasurement(fieldName: String)


Name Summary
flush abstract fun flush(): Any
Flush this measurement in order for serializing a ping. Calling this method should create an Object representing the current state of this measurement. Optionally this measurement might be reset. For example a TelemetryMeasurement implementation for the OS version of the device might just return a String like “7.0.1”. However a TelemetryMeasurement implementation for counting the usage of search engines might return a HashMap mapping search engine names to search counts. Additionally those counts will be reset after flushing.
getFieldName open fun getFieldName(): String


Name Summary
ArchMeasurement open class ArchMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
ClientIdMeasurement open class ClientIdMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
A unique, randomly generated UUID for this client.
CreatedDateMeasurement open class CreatedDateMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
CreatedDateMeasurementNew open class CreatedDateMeasurementNew : TelemetryMeasurement
The field ‘created’ from CreatedDateMeasurement will be deprecated for the createdDate field
CreatedTimestampMeasurement open class CreatedTimestampMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
CreatedTimestampMeasurementNew open class CreatedTimestampMeasurementNew : TelemetryMeasurement
The field ‘created’ from CreatedTimestampMeasurement will be deprecated for the createdTimestamp field
DefaultSearchMeasurement open class DefaultSearchMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
DeviceMeasurement open class DeviceMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
EventsMeasurement open class EventsMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
ExperimentsMapMeasurement class ExperimentsMapMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
ExperimentsMeasurement open class ExperimentsMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
FirstRunProfileDateMeasurement open class FirstRunProfileDateMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
This measurement will save the timestamp of the first time it was instantiated and report this as profile creation date.
LocaleMeasurement open class LocaleMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
MetricsMeasurement open class MetricsMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
PocketIdMeasurement open class PocketIdMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
A unique, randomly generated UUID for this pocket client for fire-tv instance. This is distinct from the telemetry clientId. The clientId should not be able to be tied to the pocketId in any way.
ProcessStartTimestampMeasurement open class ProcessStartTimestampMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
SearchesMeasurement open class SearchesMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
A TelemetryMeasurement implementation to count the number of times a user has searched with a specific engine from a specific location.
SequenceMeasurement open class SequenceMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
SessionCountMeasurement open class SessionCountMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
SessionDurationMeasurement open class SessionDurationMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
SettingsMeasurement open class SettingsMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
StaticMeasurement open class StaticMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement
TimezoneOffsetMeasurement open class TimezoneOffsetMeasurement : TelemetryMeasurement