android-components / org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement / SettingsMeasurement / SettingsProvider


interface SettingsProvider (source)

A generic interface for implementations that can provide settings values.


Name Summary
containsKey abstract fun containsKey(key: String): Boolean
Returns true if a settings value is available for the given key.
getValue abstract fun getValue(key: String): Any
Get the setting value for the given key.
release abstract fun release(): Unit
Notify the provider that we finished reading from it and that it can release resources now.
update abstract fun update(configuration: TelemetryConfiguration): Unit
Notify this provider that we are going to read values from it. Some providers might need to perform some actions to be able to provide a fresh set of values.


Name Summary
SharedPreferenceSettingsProvider open class SharedPreferenceSettingsProvider : SettingsProvider
Setting provider implementation that reads values from SharedPreferences.