android-components / mozilla.components.ui.autocomplete / InlineAutocompleteEditText / <init>


InlineAutocompleteEditText(ctx: <ERROR CLASS>, attrs: <ERROR CLASS>? = null, defStyleAttr: Int = R.attr.editTextStyle)

A UI edit text component which supports inline autocompletion.

The background color of autocomplete spans can be configured using the custom autocompleteBackgroundColor attribute e.g. app:autocompleteBackgroundColor=”#ffffff”.

A filter listener (see setOnFilterListener) needs to be attached to provide autocomplete results. It will be invoked when the input text changes. The listener gets direct access to this component (via its view parameter), so it can call {@link applyAutocompleteResult} in return.

A commit listener (see setOnCommitListener) can be attached which is invoked when the user selected the result i.e. is done editing.

Various other listeners can be attached to enhance default behaviour e.g. setOnSelectionChangedListener and setOnWindowsFocusChangeListener which will be invoked in response to onSelectionChanged and onWindowFocusChanged respectively (see also setOnTextChangeListener, setOnSelectionChangedListener, and setOnWindowsFocusChangeListener).