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Name Summary
AbstractMigrationService abstract class AbstractMigrationService
Abstract implementation of a background service running a configured FennecMigrator.
FennecMigrator class FennecMigrator
Entrypoint for Fennec data migration. See Builder for public API.
FennecProfile data class FennecProfile
A profile of “Fennec” (Firefox for Android).
FxaMigrationResult sealed class FxaMigrationResult
Result of an FxA migration.
Migration sealed class Migration
Supported Fennec migrations and their current versions.
MigrationRun data class MigrationRun
Results of running a single versioned migration.
Result sealed class Result<T>
Class representing the result of a successful or failed migration action.
VersionedMigration data class VersionedMigration
Describes a Migration at a specific version, enforcing in-range version specification.


Name Summary
FennecMigratorException sealed class FennecMigratorException : Exception
Exceptions related to Fennec migrations.
FennecProfileException sealed class FennecProfileException : Exception
Exceptions related to Fennec profile migrations.
FxaMigrationException class FxaMigrationException : Exception
Wraps FxaMigrationResult in an exception so that it can be returned via Result.Failure.

Type Aliases

Name Summary
MigrationResults typealias MigrationResults = Map<Migration, MigrationRun>
Results of running a set of migrations.