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Name Summary
AbstractMigrationProgressActivity abstract class AbstractMigrationProgressActivity : AppCompatActivity, MigrationStateListener
An activity that notifies on migration progress. Should be used in tandem with MigrationIntentProcessor.
AbstractMigrationService abstract class AbstractMigrationService
Abstract implementation of a background service running a configured FennecMigrator.
AddonMigrationResult sealed class AddonMigrationResult
Result of an add-on migration.
FennecMigrator class FennecMigrator
Entrypoint for Fennec data migration. See Builder for public API.
FennecProfile data class FennecProfile
A profile of “Fennec” (Firefox for Android).
FxaMigrationResult sealed class FxaMigrationResult
Result of an FxA migration.
GeckoMigrationResult sealed class GeckoMigrationResult
Result of a Gecko migration.
Migration sealed class Migration
Supported Fennec migrations and their current versions.
MigrationFacts class MigrationFacts
Facts emitted for telemetry related to migration.
MigrationIntentProcessor class MigrationIntentProcessor : IntentProcessor
An IntentProcessor that checks if we’re in a migration state.
MigrationRun data class MigrationRun
Results of running a single versioned migration.
MigrationStateListener interface MigrationStateListener
Interface to be implemented by classes that want to observe the migration state changes.
Result sealed class Result<T>
Class representing the result of a successful or failed migration action.
SettingsMigrationResult sealed class SettingsMigrationResult
Result of Fennec settings migration.
TelemetryIdentifiersResult sealed class TelemetryIdentifiersResult
Result of a telemetry identifier migration.
VersionedMigration data class VersionedMigration
Describes a Migration at a specific version, enforcing in-range version specification.


Name Summary
AddonMigrationException class AddonMigrationException : Exception
Wraps AddonMigrationResult in an exception so that it can be returned via Result.Failure.
FennecMigratorException sealed class FennecMigratorException : Exception
Exceptions related to Fennec migrations.
FennecProfileException sealed class FennecProfileException : Exception
Exceptions related to Fennec profile migrations.
FxaMigrationException class FxaMigrationException : Exception
Wraps FxaMigrationResult in an exception so that it can be returned via Result.Failure.
GeckoMigrationException class GeckoMigrationException : Exception
Wraps GeckoMigrationResult in an exception so that it can be returned via Result.Failure.
SettingsMigrationException class SettingsMigrationException : Exception
Wraps SettingsMigrationResult in an exception so that it can be returned via Result.Failure.

Type Aliases

Name Summary
MigrationResults typealias MigrationResults = Map<Migration, MigrationRun>
Results of running a set of migrations.

Extensions for External Classes

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