android-components / / kotlin.ByteArray

Extensions for kotlin.ByteArray

Name Summary
containsAtOffset fun ByteArray.containsAtOffset(offset: Int, test: ByteArray): Boolean
Checks whether the given test byte sequence exists at the offset of this ByteArray
pkcs7unpad fun ByteArray.pkcs7unpad(): ByteArray
toBitmap fun ByteArray.toBitmap(opts: <ERROR CLASS>? = null): <ERROR CLASS>?
fun ByteArray.toBitmap(offset: Int, length: Int, opts: <ERROR CLASS>? = null): <ERROR CLASS>?
toHexString fun ByteArray.toHexString(): String
fun ByteArray.toHexString(hexLength: Int): String
toSha1Digest fun ByteArray.toSha1Digest(): ByteArray
toSha256Digest fun ByteArray.toSha256Digest(): ByteArray