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Name Summary
BackHandler interface BackHandler
Generic interface for fragments, features and other components that want to handle ‘back’ button presses.
LifecycleAwareFeature interface LifecycleAwareFeature : LifecycleObserver
An interface for all entry points to feature components to implement in order to make them lifecycle aware.
PermissionsFeature interface PermissionsFeature
Interface for features that need to request permissions from the user.
ViewBoundFeatureWrapper class ViewBoundFeatureWrapper<T : LifecycleAwareFeature>
Wrapper for LifecycleAwareFeature instances that keep a strong references to a View. This wrapper is helpful when the lifetime of the View may be shorter than the Lifecycle and you need to keep a reference to the LifecycleAwareFeature that may outlive the View.

Type Aliases

Name Summary
OnNeedToRequestPermissions typealias OnNeedToRequestPermissions = (permissions: Array<String>) -> Unit