android-components / mozilla.components.service.fxa / DeviceConfig


data class DeviceConfig (source)

Configuration for the current device.


Name Summary
<init> DeviceConfig(name: String, type: DeviceType, capabilities: Set<DeviceCapability>)
Configuration for the current device.


Name Summary
capabilities val capabilities: Set<DeviceCapability>
A set of device capabilities, such as SEND_TAB. This set can be expanded by re-initializing FxaAccountManager with a new set (e.g. on app restart). Shrinking a set of capabilities is currently not supported.
name val name: String
An initial name to use for the device record which will be created during authentication. This can be changed later via FxaDeviceConstellation.
type val type: DeviceType
Type of a device - mobile, desktop - used for displaying identifying icons on other devices. This cannot be changed once device record is created.