android-components / mozilla.components.service.fxa.sync

Package mozilla.components.service.fxa.sync


Name Summary
GlobalSyncableStoreProvider object GlobalSyncableStoreProvider
A singleton registry of SyncableStore objects. WorkManagerSyncDispatcher will use this to access configured SyncableStore instances.
StorageSync class StorageSync : Observable<SyncStatusObserver>
Orchestrates data synchronization of a set of SyncableStore-s.
SyncDispatcher interface SyncDispatcher : Closeable, Observable<SyncStatusObserver>
Internal interface to enable testing SyncManager implementations independently from SyncDispatcher.
SyncManager abstract class SyncManager
A base sync manager implementation.
SyncStatusObserver interface SyncStatusObserver
An interface for consumers that wish to observer “sync lifecycle” events.
WorkManagerSyncDispatcher class WorkManagerSyncDispatcher : SyncDispatcher, Observable<SyncStatusObserver>, Closeable
WorkManagerSyncWorker class WorkManagerSyncWorker : CoroutineWorker
WorkersLiveDataObserver object WorkersLiveDataObserver
A singleton wrapper around the the LiveData “forever” observer - i.e. an observer not bound to a lifecycle owner. This observer is always active. We will have different dispatcher instances throughout the lifetime of the app, but always a single LiveData instance.


Name Summary
getLastSynced fun getLastSynced(context: <ERROR CLASS>): Long
setLastSynced fun setLastSynced(context: <ERROR CLASS>, ts: Long): Unit