android-components / mozilla.components.service.fxa.manager

Package mozilla.components.service.fxa.manager


Name Summary
AccountState enum class AccountState
States of the FxaAccountManager.
DeviceTuple data class DeviceTuple
Helper data class that wraps common device initialization parameters.
FxaAccountManager open class FxaAccountManager : Closeable, Observable<AccountObserver>
An account manager which encapsulates various internal details of an account lifecycle and provides an observer interface along with a public API for interacting with an account. The internal state machine abstracts over state space as exposed by the fxaclient library, not the internal states experienced by lower-level representation of a Firefox Account; those are opaque to us.
PeriodicRefreshManager interface PeriodicRefreshManager


Name Summary
FailedToLoadAccountException class FailedToLoadAccountException : Exception
Propagated via AccountObserver.onError if we fail to load a locally stored account during initialization. No action is necessary from consumers. Account state has been re-initialized.