android-components / mozilla.components.service.fretboard / Experiment / Matcher


data class Matcher (source)


Name Summary
<init> Matcher(language: String? = null, appId: String? = null, regions: List<String>? = null, version: String? = null, manufacturer: String? = null, device: String? = null, country: String? = null, releaseChannel: String? = null)


Name Summary
appId val appId: String?
id (package name) of the expected application, as a regex
country val country: String?
Required country, as a three-letter abbreviation
device val device: String?
Required device model, as a regex
language val language: String?
Language of the device, as a regex
manufacturer val manufacturer: String?
Required device manufacturer, as a regex
regions val regions: List<String>?
Regions where the experiment should be enabled
releaseChannel val releaseChannel: String?
Required app release channel (alpha, beta, …), as a regex
version val version: String?
Required app version, as a regex