android-components / mozilla.components.service.fretboard

Package mozilla.components.service.fretboard


Name Summary
Experiment data class Experiment
Represents an A/B test experiment, independent of the underlying storage mechanism
ExperimentDescriptor data class ExperimentDescriptor
Class used to identify an experiment
ExperimentPayload class ExperimentPayload
Class which represents an experiment associated data
ExperimentSource interface ExperimentSource
Represents a location where experiments are stored (Kinto, a JSON file on a server, etc)
ExperimentStorage interface ExperimentStorage
Represents a location where experiments are stored locally on the device
ExperimentsSnapshot data class ExperimentsSnapshot
Represents an experiment sync result
Fretboard class Fretboard
Entry point of the library
JSONExperimentParser class JSONExperimentParser
Default JSON parsing implementation
ValuesProvider open class ValuesProvider
Class used to provide custom filter values


Name Summary
ExperimentDownloadException class ExperimentDownloadException : Exception
Exception while downloading experiments from the server