android-components / mozilla.components.service.digitalassetlinks


Name Summary
AndroidAssetFinder class AndroidAssetFinder
Get the SHA256 certificate for an installed Android app.
AssetDescriptor sealed class AssetDescriptor
Uniquely identifies an asset.
IncludeStatement data class IncludeStatement : StatementResult
Include statements point to another Digital Asset Links statement file.
Relation enum class Relation
Describes the nature of a statement, and consists of a kind and a detail.
RelationChecker interface RelationChecker
Verifies that a source is linked to a target.
Statement data class Statement : StatementResult
Entry in a Digital Asset Links statement file.
StatementListFetcher interface StatementListFetcher
Lists all statements made by a given source.
StatementResult sealed class StatementResult
Represents a statement that can be found in an assetlinks.json file.