android-components / mozilla.components.lib.crash / Crash / NativeCodeCrash


data class NativeCodeCrash : Crash (source)

A crash that happened in native code.


Name Summary
<init> NativeCodeCrash(minidumpPath: String?, minidumpSuccess: Boolean, extrasPath: String?, isFatal: Boolean, breadcrumbs: ArrayList<Breadcrumb>)
A crash that happened in native code.


Name Summary
breadcrumbs val breadcrumbs: ArrayList<Breadcrumb>
List of breadcrumbs to send with the crash report.
extrasPath val extrasPath: String?
Path to a file containing extra metadata about the crash. The file contains key-value pairs in the form Key=Value. Be aware, it may contain sensitive data such as the URI that was loaded at the time of the crash.
isFatal val isFatal: Boolean
Whether or not the crash was fatal or not: If true, the main application process was affected by the crash. If false, only an internal process used by Gecko has crashed and the application may be able to recover.
minidumpPath val minidumpPath: String?
Path to a Breakpad minidump file containing information about the crash.
minidumpSuccess val minidumpSuccess: Boolean
Indicating whether or not the crash dump was successfully retrieved. If this is false, the dump file may be corrupted or incomplete.