android-components / mozilla.components.feature.toolbar

Package mozilla.components.feature.toolbar


Name Summary
ToolbarAutocompleteFeature class ToolbarAutocompleteFeature
Feature implementation for connecting a toolbar with a list of autocomplete providers.
ToolbarFeature class ToolbarFeature : LifecycleAwareFeature, BackHandler
Feature implementation for connecting a toolbar implementation with the session module.
ToolbarInteractor class ToolbarInteractor
Connects a toolbar instance to the browser engine via use cases
ToolbarPresenter class ToolbarPresenter : SelectionAwareSessionObserver
Presenter implementation for a toolbar implementation in order to update the toolbar whenever the state of the selected session changes.

Type Aliases

Name Summary
SearchUseCase typealias SearchUseCase = (String) -> Unit
A function representing the search use case, accepting the search terms as string.