android-components / mozilla.components.feature.session / SwipeRefreshFeature


class SwipeRefreshFeature : SelectionAwareSessionObserver, LifecycleAwareFeature, OnChildScrollUpCallback, OnRefreshListener (source)

Feature implementation to add pull to refresh functionality to browsers.


swipeRefreshLayout - Reference to SwipeRefreshLayout that has an EngineView as its child.


Name Summary
<init> SwipeRefreshFeature(sessionManager: SessionManager, reloadUrlUseCase: ReloadUrlUseCase, swipeRefreshLayout: SwipeRefreshLayout, sessionId: String? = null)
Feature implementation to add pull to refresh functionality to browsers.

Inherited Properties

Name Summary
activeSession open var activeSession: Session?
the currently observed session


Name Summary
canChildScrollUp fun canChildScrollUp(parent: SwipeRefreshLayout, child: <ERROR CLASS>?): Boolean
Callback that checks whether it is possible for the child view to scroll up. If the child view cannot scroll up, attempted to scroll up triggers a refresh gesture.
onLoadingStateChanged fun onLoadingStateChanged(session: Session, loading: Boolean): Unit
Called when the current session starts or stops refreshing.
onRefresh fun onRefresh(): Unit
Called when a swipe gesture triggers a refresh.
start fun start(): Unit
Start feature: Starts adding pull to refresh behavior for the active session.

Inherited Functions

Name Summary
observeFixed fun observeFixed(session: Session): Unit
Starts observing changes to the specified session.
observeIdOrSelected fun observeIdOrSelected(sessionId: String?): Unit
Starts observing changes to the session matching the sessionId. If the session does not exist, then observe the selected session.
observeSelected fun observeSelected(): Unit
Starts observing changes to the selected session (see SessionManager.selectedSession). If a different session is selected the observer will automatically be switched over and only notified of changes to the newly selected session.
onSessionSelected open fun onSessionSelected(session: Session): Unit
The selection has changed and the given session is now the selected session.
stop open fun stop(): Unit
Stops the observer.

Extension Functions

Name Summary
loadResourceAsString fun Any.loadResourceAsString(path: String): String
Loads a file from the resources folder and returns its content as a string object.