android-components / mozilla.components.feature.pwa.intent / TrustedWebActivityIntentProcessor


class TrustedWebActivityIntentProcessor : IntentProcessor (source)

Processor for intents which open Trusted Web Activities.


Name Summary
<init> TrustedWebActivityIntentProcessor(sessionManager: SessionManager, loadUrlUseCase: DefaultLoadUrlUseCase, httpClient: Client, packageManager: <ERROR CLASS>, apiKey: String?, store: CustomTabsServiceStore)
Processor for intents which open Trusted Web Activities.


Name Summary
matches fun matches(intent: <ERROR CLASS>): Boolean
Returns true if this intent processor will handle the intent.
process suspend fun process(intent: <ERROR CLASS>): Boolean
Processes the given Intent.

Extension Functions

Name Summary
loadResourceAsString fun Any.loadResourceAsString(path: String): String
Loads a file from the resources folder and returns its content as a string object.