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Package mozilla.components.feature.push


Name Summary
AutoPushFeature class AutoPushFeature : PushProcessor
A implementation of a PushProcessor that should live as a singleton by being installed in the Application’s onCreate. It receives messages from a service and forwards them to be decrypted and routed.
AutoPushSubscription data class AutoPushSubscription
The subscription information from Autopush that can be used to send push messages to other devices.
MessageBus class MessageBus<T : Enum<T>, M> : Bus<T, M>
An implementation of Bus where the event type is restricted to an enum.
Protocol enum class Protocol
Supported network protocols.
PushConfig data class PushConfig
Configuration object for initializing the Push Manager.
PushConnection interface PushConnection : Closeable
An interface that wraps the PushAPI.
PushSubscriptionObserver interface PushSubscriptionObserver
Observers that want to receive updates for new subscriptions.
PushType enum class PushType
The different kind of message types that a EncryptedPushMessage can be:
ServiceType enum class ServiceType
Supported push services.

Type Aliases

Name Summary
Registry typealias Registry<T, M> = ObserverRegistry<Observer<T, M>>