android-components / mozilla.components.feature.downloads

Package mozilla.components.feature.downloads


Name Summary
DownloadDialogFragment abstract class DownloadDialogFragment : DialogFragment
This is a general representation of a dialog meant to be used in collaboration with DownloadsFeature to show a dialog before a download is triggered. If SimpleDownloadDialogFragment is not flexible enough for your use case you should inherit for this class. Be mindful to call onStartDownload when you want to start the download.
DownloadManager class DownloadManager
Handles the interactions with the AndroidDownloadManager.
DownloadsFeature class DownloadsFeature : SelectionAwareSessionObserver, LifecycleAwareFeature
Feature implementation to provide download functionality for the selected session. The feature will subscribe to the selected session and listen for downloads.
SimpleDownloadDialogFragment class SimpleDownloadDialogFragment : DownloadDialogFragment
A confirmation dialog to be called before a download is triggered. Meant to be used in collaboration with DownloadsFeature

Type Aliases

Name Summary
AndroidDownloadManager typealias AndroidDownloadManager = DownloadManager
OnDownloadCompleted typealias OnDownloadCompleted = (Download, Long) -> Unit
OnNeedToRequestPermissions typealias OnNeedToRequestPermissions = (permissions: Array<String>) -> Unit