android-components / mozilla.components.feature.customtabs

Package mozilla.components.feature.customtabs


Name Summary
AbstractCustomTabsService abstract class AbstractCustomTabsService : CustomTabsService
Service providing Custom Tabs related functionality.
CustomTabIntentProcessor class CustomTabIntentProcessor : IntentProcessor
Processor for intents which trigger actions related to custom tabs.
CustomTabsToolbarFeature class CustomTabsToolbarFeature : LifecycleAwareFeature, BackHandler
Initializes and resets the Toolbar for a Custom Tab based on the CustomTabConfig.


Name Summary
createCustomTabConfigFromIntent fun createCustomTabConfigFromIntent(intent: <ERROR CLASS>, resources: <ERROR CLASS>?): CustomTabConfig
Creates a CustomTabConfig instance based on the provided intent.
isCustomTabIntent fun isCustomTabIntent(intent: <ERROR CLASS>): <ERROR CLASS>
fun isCustomTabIntent(safeIntent: SafeIntent): Boolean
Checks if the provided intent is a custom tab intent.
isTrustedWebActivityIntent fun isTrustedWebActivityIntent(intent: <ERROR CLASS>): <ERROR CLASS>
fun isTrustedWebActivityIntent(safeIntent: SafeIntent): Boolean
Checks if the provided intent is a trusted web activity intent.