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Name Summary
CustomTabState data class CustomTabState
Value type that represents the state of a single custom tab accessible from both the service and activity.
CustomTabsAction sealed class CustomTabsAction : Action
CustomTabsServiceState data class CustomTabsServiceState : State
Value type that represents the custom tabs state accessible from both the service and activity.
CustomTabsServiceStore class CustomTabsServiceStore : Store<CustomTabsServiceState, CustomTabsAction>
OriginRelationPair data class OriginRelationPair
Pair of origin and relation type used as key in CustomTabState.relationships.
SaveCreatorPackageNameAction data class SaveCreatorPackageNameAction : CustomTabsAction
Saves the package name corresponding to a custom tab token.
ValidateRelationshipAction data class ValidateRelationshipAction : CustomTabsAction
Marks the state of a custom tabs Relation verification.
VerificationStatus enum class VerificationStatus
Different states of Digital Asset Link verification.