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Name Summary
AppLinkRedirect data class AppLinkRedirect
Data class for the external Intent or fallback URL a given URL encodes for.
AppLinksFeature class AppLinksFeature : LifecycleAwareFeature
This feature implements use cases for detecting and handling redirects to external apps. The user is asked to confirm her intention before leaving the app. These include the Android Intents, custom schemes and support for Intent.CATEGORY_BROWSABLE http(s) URLs.
AppLinksUseCases class AppLinksUseCases
These use cases allow for the detection of, and opening of links that other apps have registered an IntentFilters to open.
RedirectDialogFragment abstract class RedirectDialogFragment : DialogFragment
This is a general representation of a dialog meant to be used in collaboration with AppLinksFeature to show a dialog before an external link is opened. If SimpleRedirectDialogFragment is not flexible enough for your use case you should inherit for this class. Be mindful to call onConfirmRedirect when you want to open the linked app.
SimpleRedirectDialogFragment class SimpleRedirectDialogFragment : RedirectDialogFragment
This is the default implementation of the RedirectDialogFragment.