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Package mozilla.components.feature.addons.ui


Name Summary
AddonPermissionsAdapter class AddonPermissionsAdapter : Adapter<ViewHolder>
An adapter for displaying the permissions of an add-on.
AddonsManagerAdapter class AddonsManagerAdapter : Adapter<CustomViewHolder>
An adapter for displaying add-on items. This will display information related to the state of an add-on such as recommended, unsupported or installed. In addition, it will perform actions such as installing an add-on.
AddonsManagerAdapterDelegate interface AddonsManagerAdapterDelegate
Provides methods for handling the add-on items in the add-on manager.
CustomViewHolder sealed class CustomViewHolder : ViewHolder
A base view holder.
PermissionsDialogFragment class PermissionsDialogFragment : AppCompatDialogFragment
A dialog that shows a set of permission required by an Addon.
UnsupportedAddonsAdapter class UnsupportedAddonsAdapter : Adapter<ViewHolder>
An adapter for displaying unsupported add-on items.
UnsupportedAddonsAdapterDelegate interface UnsupportedAddonsAdapterDelegate
Provides methods for handling the success and error callbacks from uninstalling an add-on in the list of unsupported add-on items.

Extensions for External Classes

Name Summary


Name Summary
translatedName val Addon.translatedName: String
A shortcut to get the localized name of an add-on.