android-components / mozilla.components.concept.toolbar / Toolbar / Action


interface Action (source)

Generic interface for actions to be added to the toolbar.


Name Summary
visible open val visible: () -> Boolean


Name Summary
bind abstract fun bind(view: <ERROR CLASS>): Unit
createView abstract fun createView(parent: <ERROR CLASS>): <ERROR CLASS>


Name Summary
ActionButton open class ActionButton : Action
An action button to be added to the toolbar.
ActionImage open class ActionImage : Action
An action that just shows a static, non-clickable image.
ActionSpace open class ActionSpace : Action
An “empty” action with a desired width to be used as “placeholder”.
ActionToggleButton open class ActionToggleButton : Action
An action button with two states, selected and unselected. When the button is pressed, the state changes automatically.
TabCounterToolbarButton class TabCounterToolbarButton : Action
A Toolbar.Action implementation that shows a TabCounter.
WebExtensionToolbarAction open class WebExtensionToolbarAction : Action
An action button that represents an web extension item to be added to the toolbar.