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Package mozilla.components.concept.sync


Name Summary
AccessTokenInfo data class AccessTokenInfo
The result of authentication with FxA via an OAuth flow.
AccessType enum class AccessType
The access-type determines whether the code can be exchanged for a refresh token for offline use or not.
AccountEvent sealed class AccountEvent
Incoming account events.
AccountEventsObserver interface AccountEventsObserver
Allows monitoring events targeted at the current account/device.
AccountObserver interface AccountObserver
Observer interface which lets its users monitor account state changes and major events. (XXX - there’s some tension between this and the mozilla.components.concept.sync.AccountEvent we should resolve!)
AuthExceptionType enum class AuthExceptionType
An auth-related exception type, for use with AuthException.
AuthFlowUrl data class AuthFlowUrl
An object that represents a login flow initiated by OAuthAccount.
AuthType sealed class AuthType
Avatar data class Avatar
ConstellationState data class ConstellationState
Describes current device and other devices in the constellation.
Device data class Device
Describes a device in the DeviceConstellation.
DeviceCapability enum class DeviceCapability
Capabilities that a Device may have.
DeviceCommandIncoming sealed class DeviceCommandIncoming
Incoming device commands (ie, targeted at the current device.)
DeviceCommandOutgoing sealed class DeviceCommandOutgoing
Outgoing device commands (ie, targeted at other devices.)
DeviceConstellation interface DeviceConstellation : Observable<AccountEventsObserver>
Describes available interactions with the current device and other devices associated with an OAuthAccount.
DeviceConstellationObserver interface DeviceConstellationObserver
Allows monitoring constellation state.
DevicePushSubscription data class DevicePushSubscription
Describes an Autopush-compatible push channel subscription.
DeviceType enum class DeviceType
Describes a type of the physical device in the constellation.
InFlightMigrationState enum class InFlightMigrationState
Represents a specific type of an “in-flight” migration state that could result from intermittent issues during OAuthAccount.migrateFromSessionTokenAsync or OAuthAccount.copyFromSessionTokenAsync.
OAuthAccount interface OAuthAccount : AutoCloseable
Facilitates testing consumers of FirefoxAccount.
OAuthScopedKey data class OAuthScopedKey
Scoped key data.
Profile data class Profile
StatePersistenceCallback interface StatePersistenceCallback
Describes a delegate object that is used by OAuthAccount to persist its internal state as it changes.
SyncAuthInfo data class SyncAuthInfo
A Firefox Sync friendly auth object which can be obtained from OAuthAccount.
SyncStatus sealed class SyncStatus
Results of running a sync via SyncableStore.sync.
SyncableStore interface SyncableStore
Describes a “sync” entry point for a storage layer.
TabData data class TabData
Information about a tab sent with tab related commands.


Name Summary
AuthException class AuthException : Throwable
An exception which may happen while obtaining auth information using OAuthAccount.

Type Aliases

Name Summary
OuterDeviceCommandIncoming typealias OuterDeviceCommandIncoming = DeviceCommandIncoming