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Name Summary
BookmarkInfo data class BookmarkInfo
Class for making alterations to any bookmark node
BookmarkNode data class BookmarkNode
Class for holding metadata about any bookmark node
BookmarkNodeType enum class BookmarkNodeType
The types of bookmark nodes
BookmarksStorage interface BookmarksStorage : Storage
An interface which defines read/write operations for bookmarks data.
HistoryAutocompleteResult data class HistoryAutocompleteResult
Describes an autocompletion result against history storage.
HistoryStorage interface HistoryStorage : Storage
An interface which defines read/write methods for history data.
PageObservation data class PageObservation
SearchResult data class SearchResult
Encapsulates a set of properties which define a result of querying history storage.
Storage interface Storage
An interface which provides generic operations for storing browser data like history and bookmarks.
VisitInfo data class VisitInfo
Information about a history visit.
VisitType enum class VisitType
Visit type constants as defined by Desktop Firefox.