android-components / mozilla.components.concept.engine

Package mozilla.components.concept.engine


Name Summary
DefaultSettings data class DefaultSettings : Settings
Settings implementation used to set defaults for Engine and EngineSession.
Engine interface Engine
Entry point for interacting with the engine implementation.
EngineSession abstract class EngineSession : Observable<Observer>
Class representing a single engine session.
EngineSessionState interface EngineSessionState
The state of an EngineSession. An instance can be obtained from EngineSession.saveState. Creating a new EngineSession and calling EngineSession.restoreState with the same state instance should restore the previous session.
EngineView interface EngineView
View component that renders web content.
HitResult sealed class HitResult
Represents all the different supported types of data that can be found from long clicking an element.
LifecycleObserver class LifecycleObserver : LifecycleObserver
LifecycleObserver which dispatches lifecycle events to an EngineView.
Settings abstract class Settings
Holds settings of an engine or session. Concrete engine implementations define how these settings are applied i.e. whether a setting is applied on an engine or session instance.
UnsupportedSetting class UnsupportedSetting<T>


Name Summary
UnsupportedSettingException class UnsupportedSettingException : RuntimeException
Exception thrown by default if a setting is not supported by an engine or session.