android-components / / Media / PlaybackState


enum class PlaybackState (source)

Enum Values

Name Summary
UNKNOWN Unknown. No state has been received from the engine yet.
PLAY The media is no longer paused, as a result of the play method, or the autoplay attribute.
PLAYING Sent when the media has enough data to start playing, after the play event, but also when recovering from being stalled, when looping media restarts, and after seeked, if it was playing before seeking.
PAUSE Sent when the playback state is changed to paused.
ENDED Sent when playback completes.
SEEKING Sent when a seek operation begins.
SEEKED Sent when a seek operation completes.
STALLED Sent when the user agent is trying to fetch media data, but data is unexpectedly not forthcoming.
SUSPENDED Sent when loading of the media is suspended. This may happen either because the download has completed or because it has been paused for any other reason.
WAITING Sent when the requested operation (such as playback) is delayed pending the completion of another operation (such as a seek).
ABORT Sent when playback is aborted; for example, if the media is playing and is restarted from the beginning, this event is sent.
EMPTIED The media has become empty. For example, this event is sent if the media has already been loaded, and the load() method is called to reload it.