android-components / mozilla.components.browser.state.state

Package mozilla.components.browser.state.state


Name Summary
BrowserState data class BrowserState : State
Value type that represents the complete state of the browser/engine.
ContentState data class ContentState
Value type that represents the state of the content within a SessionState.
CustomTabActionButtonConfig data class CustomTabActionButtonConfig
CustomTabConfig data class CustomTabConfig
Holds configuration data for a Custom Tab.
CustomTabMenuItem data class CustomTabMenuItem
CustomTabSessionState data class CustomTabSessionState : SessionState
Value type that represents the state of a Custom Tab.
EngineState data class EngineState
Value type that holds the browser engine state of a session.
SecurityInfoState data class SecurityInfoState
A value type holding security information for a Session.
SessionState interface SessionState
Interface for states that contain a ContentState and can be accessed via an id.
TabSessionState data class TabSessionState : SessionState
Value type that represents the state of a tab (private or normal).
TrackingProtectionState data class TrackingProtectionState
Value type that represents the state of tracking protection within a SessionState.


Name Summary
createCustomTab fun createCustomTab(url: String, id: String = UUID.randomUUID().toString(), config: CustomTabConfig = CustomTabConfig()): CustomTabSessionState
createTab fun createTab(url: String, private: Boolean = false, id: String = UUID.randomUUID().toString(), parent: TabSessionState? = null): TabSessionState