android-components / mozilla.components.browser.session / SessionManager / Observer


interface Observer (source)

Interface to be implemented by classes that want to observe the session manager.


Name Summary
onAllSessionsRemoved open fun onAllSessionsRemoved(): Unit
All sessions have been removed. Note that this will callback will be invoked whenever removeAll() or removeSessions have been called on the SessionManager. This callback will NOT be invoked when just the last session has been removed by calling remove() on the SessionManager.
onSessionAdded open fun onSessionAdded(session: Session): Unit
The given session has been added.
onSessionRemoved open fun onSessionRemoved(session: Session): Unit
The given session has been removed.
onSessionSelected open fun onSessionSelected(session: Session): Unit
The selection has changed and the given session is now the selected session.
onSessionsRestored open fun onSessionsRestored(): Unit
Sessions have been restored via a snapshot. This callback is invoked at the end of the call to read, after every session in the snapshot was added, and appropriate session was selected.


Name Summary
SelectionAwareSessionObserver abstract class SelectionAwareSessionObserver : Observer, Observer
This class is a combination of Session.Observer and SessionManager.Observer. It provides functionality to observe changes to a specified or selected session, and can automatically take care of switching over the observer in case a different session gets selected (see observeFixed and observeSelected).