android-components / mozilla.components.browser.session.ext

Package mozilla.components.browser.session.ext


Name Summary
readSnapshot fun <ERROR CLASS>.readSnapshot(engine: Engine, serializer: SnapshotSerializer = SnapshotSerializer()): Snapshot?
Read a SessionManager.Snapshot from this AtomicFile. Returns null if no snapshot could be read.
readSnapshotItem fun <ERROR CLASS>.readSnapshotItem(engine: Engine, restoreSessionId: Boolean = true, restoreParentId: Boolean = true, serializer: SnapshotSerializer = SnapshotSerializer(restoreSessionId, restoreParentId)): Item?
Reads a single SessionManager.Snapshot.Item from this AtomicFile. Returns null if no snapshot item could be read.
toCustomTabSessionState fun Session.toCustomTabSessionState(): CustomTabSessionState
Creates a matching CustomTabSessionState from a custom tab Session.
toFindResultState fun FindResult.toFindResultState(): FindResultState
Creates a matching FindResultState from a Session.FindResult
toReaderState fun Session.toReaderState(): ReaderState
Creates a matching ReaderState from a Session
toSecurityInfoState fun SecurityInfo.toSecurityInfoState(): SecurityInfoState
Creates a matching SecurityInfoState from a Session.SecurityInfo
toTabSessionState fun Session.toTabSessionState(): TabSessionState
Create a matching TabSessionState from a Session.
writeSnapshot fun <ERROR CLASS>.writeSnapshot(snapshot: Snapshot, serializer: SnapshotSerializer = SnapshotSerializer()): Boolean
Saves the given SessionManager.Snapshot to this AtomicFile.
writeSnapshotItem fun <ERROR CLASS>.writeSnapshotItem(item: Item, serializer: SnapshotSerializer = SnapshotSerializer()): Boolean
Saves a single SessionManager.Snapshot.Item to this AtomicFile.