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Name Summary
BrowserMenuCheckbox class BrowserMenuCheckbox : BrowserMenuCompoundButton
A simple browser menu checkbox.
BrowserMenuCompoundButton abstract class BrowserMenuCompoundButton : BrowserMenuItem
A browser menu compound button. A basic sub-class would only have to provide a layout resource to satisfy BrowserMenuItem.getLayoutResource which contains a View that inherits from CompoundButton.
BrowserMenuDivider class BrowserMenuDivider : BrowserMenuItem
A browser menu item to display a horizontal divider.
BrowserMenuImageText class BrowserMenuImageText : BrowserMenuItem
A menu item for displaying text with an image icon.
BrowserMenuItemToolbar class BrowserMenuItemToolbar : BrowserMenuItem
A toolbar of buttons to show inside the browser menu.
BrowserMenuSwitch class BrowserMenuSwitch : BrowserMenuCompoundButton
A simple browser menu switch.
SimpleBrowserMenuItem class SimpleBrowserMenuItem : BrowserMenuItem
A simple browser menu item displaying text.