android-components / mozilla.components.browser.icons.processor

Package mozilla.components.browser.icons.processor


Name Summary
AdaptiveIconProcessor class AdaptiveIconProcessor : IconProcessor
IconProcessor implementation that builds maskable icons.
ColorProcessor class ColorProcessor : IconProcessor
IconProcessor implementation to extract the dominant color from the icon.
DiskIconProcessor class DiskIconProcessor : IconProcessor
IconProcessor implementation that saves icons in the disk cache.
IconProcessor interface IconProcessor
An IconProcessor implementation receives the Icon with the IconRequest and IconRequest.Resource after the icon was loaded. The IconProcessor has the option to rewrite a loaded Icon and return a new instance.
MemoryIconProcessor class MemoryIconProcessor : IconProcessor
An IconProcessor implementation that saves icons in the in-memory cache.
ResizingProcessor class ResizingProcessor : IconProcessor
IconProcessor implementation for resizing the loaded icon based on the target size.