android-components / mozilla.components.browser.engine.system / SystemEngine


class SystemEngine : Engine (source)

WebView-based implementation of the Engine interface.


Name Summary
<init> SystemEngine(context: <ERROR CLASS>, defaultSettings: Settings = DefaultSettings())
WebView-based implementation of the Engine interface.


Name Summary
settings val settings: Settings
See Engine.settings
version val version: EngineVersion
Returns the version of the engine as EngineVersion object.

Inherited Properties

Name Summary
trackingProtectionExceptionStore open val trackingProtectionExceptionStore: TrackingProtectionExceptionStorage
Provides access to the tracking protection exception list for this engine.


Name Summary
createSession fun createSession(private: Boolean): EngineSession
Creates a new WebView-based EngineSession implementation.
createSessionState fun createSessionState(json: <ERROR CLASS>): EngineSessionState
Create a new EngineSessionState instance from the serialized JSON representation.
createView fun createView(context: <ERROR CLASS>, attrs: <ERROR CLASS>?): EngineView
Creates a new WebView-based EngineView implementation.
name fun name(): String
speculativeConnect fun speculativeConnect(url: String): Unit
Opens a speculative connection to the host of url.

Inherited Functions

Name Summary
clearData open fun clearData(data: BrowsingData = BrowsingData.all(), host: String? = null, onSuccess: () -> Unit = { }, onError: (Throwable) -> Unit = { }): Unit
Clears browsing data stored by the engine.
getTrackersLog open fun getTrackersLog(session: EngineSession, onSuccess: (List<TrackerLog>) -> Unit, onError: (Throwable) -> Unit = { }): Unit
Fetch a list of trackers logged for a given session .
registerWebNotificationDelegate open fun registerWebNotificationDelegate(webNotificationDelegate: WebNotificationDelegate): Unit
Registers a WebNotificationDelegate to be notified of engine events related to web notifications
registerWebPushDelegate open fun registerWebPushDelegate(webPushDelegate: WebPushDelegate): WebPushHandler
Registers a WebPushDelegate to be notified of engine events related to web extensions.
warmUp open fun warmUp(): Unit
Makes sure all required engine initialization logic is executed. The details are specific to individual implementations, but the following must be true:

Companion Object Properties

Name Summary
defaultUserAgent var defaultUserAgent: String?

Extension Functions

Name Summary
loadResourceAsString fun Any.loadResourceAsString(path: String): String
Loads a file from the resources folder and returns its content as a string object.