android-components / mozilla.components.browser.engine.system / SystemEngineSession


class SystemEngineSession : EngineSession (source)

WebView-based EngineSession implementation.


Name Summary
WebSetting class WebSetting<T>


Name Summary
<init> SystemEngineSession(context: <ERROR CLASS>, defaultSettings: Settings? = null)
WebView-based EngineSession implementation.


Name Summary
settings val settings: Settings
See EngineSession.settings
webView var webView: <ERROR CLASS>


Name Summary
clearData fun clearData(data: BrowsingData, host: String?, onSuccess: () -> Unit, onError: (Throwable) -> Unit): Unit
See EngineSession.clearData
clearFindMatches fun clearFindMatches(): Unit
See EngineSession.clearFindMatches
close fun close(): Unit
See EngineSession.close
disableTrackingProtection fun disableTrackingProtection(): Unit
See EngineSession.disableTrackingProtection
enableTrackingProtection fun enableTrackingProtection(policy: TrackingProtectionPolicy): Unit
See EngineSession.enableTrackingProtection
exitFullScreenMode fun exitFullScreenMode(): Unit
See EngineSession.exitFullScreenMode
findAll fun findAll(text: String): Unit
See EngineSession.findAll
findNext fun findNext(forward: Boolean): Unit
See EngineSession.findNext
goBack fun goBack(): Unit
See EngineSession.goBack
goForward fun goForward(): Unit
See EngineSession.goForward
goToHistoryIndex fun goToHistoryIndex(index: Int): Unit
See EngineSession.goToHistoryIndex
loadData fun loadData(data: String, mimeType: String, encoding: String): Unit
See EngineSession.loadData
loadUrl fun loadUrl(url: String, parent: EngineSession?, flags: LoadUrlFlags, additionalHeaders: Map<String, String>?): Unit
See EngineSession.loadUrl. Note that LoadUrlFlags are ignored in this engine implementation.
recoverFromCrash fun recoverFromCrash(): Boolean
This method is a no-op.
reload fun reload(flags: LoadUrlFlags): Unit
See EngineSession.reload
restoreState fun restoreState(state: EngineSessionState): Boolean
See EngineSession.restoreState
saveState fun saveState(): EngineSessionState
See EngineSession.saveState
stopLoading fun stopLoading(): Unit
See EngineSession.stopLoading
toggleDesktopMode fun toggleDesktopMode(enable: Boolean, reload: Boolean): Unit
See EngineSession.toggleDesktopMode

Inherited Functions

Name Summary
markActiveForWebExtensions open fun markActiveForWebExtensions(active: Boolean): Unit
Marks this session active/inactive for web extensions to support tabs.query({active: true}).

Extension Functions

Name Summary
loadResourceAsString fun Any.loadResourceAsString(path: String): String
Loads a file from the resources folder and returns its content as a string object.