android-components / mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.permission / GeckoPermissionRequest / App


data class App : GeckoPermissionRequest (source)

Represents a gecko-based application permission request.


Name Summary
<init> App(nativePermissions: List<String>, callback: Callback)
Represents a gecko-based application permission request.


Name Summary
uri val uri: String?
the URI of the content requesting the permissions.

Inherited Properties

Name Summary
permissions open val permissions: List<Permission>
the list of requested permissions.

Inherited Functions

Name Summary
grant open fun grant(permissions: List<Permission>): Unit
Grants the provided permissions, or all requested permissions, if none are provided.
reject open fun reject(): Unit
Rejects the requested permissions.

Companion Object Properties

Name Summary
permissionsMap val permissionsMap: <ERROR CLASS>