All Types

Name Summary  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.prompt.AC_FILE_FACING_MODE An Amazon Cloud Messaging implementation of the PushService for Android devices that support Google Play Services. ADMMessageHandlerBase requires a redundant constructor parameter.  
mozilla.components.lib.crash.ui.AbstractCrashListActivity Activity for displaying the list of reported crashes.  
mozilla.components.feature.customtabs.AbstractCustomTabsService Service providing Custom Tabs related functionality.  
mozilla.components.feature.downloads.AbstractFetchDownloadService Service that performs downloads through a fetch Client rather than through the native Android download manager.  
mozilla.components.lib.push.firebase.AbstractFirebasePushService A Firebase Cloud Messaging implementation of the PushService for Android devices that support Google Play Services. A foreground service that will keep the process alive while we are playing media (with the app possibly in the background) and shows an ongoing notification An activity that notifies on migration progress. Should be used in tandem with MigrationIntentProcessor. Abstract implementation of a background service running a configured FennecMigrator. An abstract menu item for handling nested sub menu items on view click.  
mozilla.components.feature.privatemode.notification.AbstractPrivateNotificationService Manages notifications for private tabs.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.AccessTokenInfo The result of authentication with FxA via an OAuth flow.  
mozilla.appservices.fxaclient.AccessTokenInfo (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa)    
mozilla.components.concept.sync.AccessType The access-type determines whether the code can be exchanged for a refresh token for offline use or not.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.AccountEvent Incoming account events.  
mozilla.appservices.fxaclient.AccountEvent (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa)    
mozilla.components.concept.sync.AccountEventsObserver Allows monitoring events targeted at the current account/device.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.AccountObserver Observer interface which lets its users monitor account state changes and major events. (XXX - there’s some tension between this and the mozilla.components.concept.sync.AccountEvent we should resolve!)  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.sharing.AccountSharing Allows querying trusted FxA Auth provider packages on the device for instances of ShareableAccount. Once an instance of ShareableAccount is obtained, it may be used with FxaAccountManager.migrateAccountAsync directly, or with FirefoxAccount.migrateFromSessionTokenAsync via ShareableAccount.authInfo.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.manager.AccountState States of the FxaAccountManager.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.Action Value type that represents the state of a browser or page action within a WebExtension.  
mozilla.components.lib.state.Action Generic interface for actions to be dispatched on a Store. A user or system action that causes Fact instances to be emitted.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.ActionHandler A handler for web extension (browser and page) actions.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.processor.AdaptiveIconProcessor IconProcessor implementation that builds maskable icons.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.Addon Represents an add-on based on the AMO store:  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.amo.AddonCollectionProvider Provide access to the collections AMO API.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.ui.AddonInstallationDialogFragment A dialog that shows Addon installation confirmation.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.AddonManager Provides access to installed and recommended Addons and manages their states.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.AddonManagerException Wraps exceptions thrown by either the initialization process or an AddonsProvider. Wraps AddonMigrationResult in an exception so that it can be returned via Result.Failure. Result of an add-on migration.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.ui.AddonPermissionsAdapter An adapter for displaying the permissions of an add-on.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.update.AddonUpdater Contract to define the behavior for updating addons.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.ui.AddonsManagerAdapter An adapter for displaying add-on items. This will display information related to the state of an add-on such as recommended, unsupported or installed. In addition, it will perform actions such as installing an add-on.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.ui.AddonsManagerAdapterDelegate Provides methods for handling the add-on items in the add-on manager.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.AddonsProvider A contract that indicate how an add-on provider must behave.  
mozilla.components.browser.session.utils.AllSessionsObserver This class is a combination of Session.Observer and SessionManager.Observer. It observers all Session instances that get added to the SessionManager and automatically unsubscribes from Session instances that get removed.  
mozilla.components.service.digitalassetlinks.AndroidAssetFinder Get the SHA256 certificate for an installed Android app.  
mozilla.components.feature.downloads.manager.AndroidDownloadManager Handles the interactions with the AndroidDownloadManager. ImageDecoder that will use Android’s BitmapFactory in order to decode the byte data. LogSink implementation that writes to Android’s log.  
mozilla.components.tooling.lint.AndroidSrcXmlDetector A custom lint check that prohibits not using the app:srcCompat for ImageViews  
kotlin.Any (extensions in package Data class for the external Intent or fallback URL a given URL encodes for. This feature implements observer for handling redirects to external apps. The users are asked to confirm their intention before leaving the app if in private session. These include the Android Intents, custom schemes and support for Intent.CATEGORY_BROWSABLE http(s) URLs. This feature implements use cases for detecting and handling redirects to external apps. The user is asked to confirm her intention before leaving the app. These include the Android Intents, custom schemes and support for Intent.CATEGORY_BROWSABLE http(s) URLs. These use cases allow for the detection of, and opening of links that other apps have registered an IntentFilters to open.  
mozilla.components.service.digitalassetlinks.AssetDescriptor Uniquely identifies an asset. SearchEngineProvider implementation to load the included search engines from assets.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.ast.AstNode A node of the abstract syntax tree.  
mozilla.components.browser.toolbar.AsyncFilterListener Wraps filter execution in a coroutine context, cancelling prior executions on every invocation. coroutineContext must be of type that doesn’t propagate cancellation of its children upwards.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.AuthException An exception which may happen while obtaining auth information using OAuthAccount.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.AuthExceptionType An auth-related exception type, for use with AuthException.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.AuthFlowUrl An object that represents a login flow initiated by OAuthAccount.  
mozilla.components.feature.qr.views.AutoFitTextureView A TextureView that can be adjusted to a specified aspect ratio.  
mozilla.components.feature.push.AutoPushFeature A implementation of a PushProcessor that should live as a singleton by being installed in the Application’s onCreate. It receives messages from a service and forwards them to be decrypted and routed.  
mozilla.components.feature.push.AutoPushSubscription The subscription information from AutoPush that can be used to send push messages to other devices.  
mozilla.components.feature.push.AutoPushSubscriptionChanged The subscription from AutoPush that has changed on the remote push servers.    
mozilla.components.concept.toolbar.AutocompleteDelegate Describes an object to which a AutocompleteResult may be applied. Usually, this will delegate to a specific text view.  
mozilla.components.concept.toolbar.AutocompleteResult Describes an autocompletion result.  
mozilla.components.ui.autocomplete.AutocompleteView Aids in testing functionality which relies on some aspects of InlineAutocompleteEditText.  
mozilla.components.concept.awesomebar.AwesomeBar Interface to be implemented by awesome bar implementations.  
mozilla.components.feature.awesomebar.AwesomeBarFeature Connects an AwesomeBar with a Toolbar and allows adding multiple AwesomeBar.SuggestionProvider implementations. Generic interface for fragments, features and other components that want to handle ‘back’ button presses. A back press menu item for a nested sub menu entry. Provides common autocomplete functionality powered by domain lists. Class for making alterations to any bookmark node Class for holding metadata about any bookmark node The types of bookmark nodes An interface which defines read/write operations for bookmarks data.  
mozilla.components.feature.awesomebar.provider.BookmarksStorageSuggestionProvider A AwesomeBar.SuggestionProvider implementation that provides suggestions based on the bookmarks stored in the BookmarksStorage.  
kotlin.Boolean (extensions in package mozilla.components.lib.jexl.ext)    
mozilla.components.service.glean.private.BooleanMetricType Represents a single crash breadcrumb.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.action.BrowserAction Action implementation related to BrowserState.  
mozilla.components.browser.awesomebar.BrowserAwesomeBar A customizable AwesomeBar implementation.  
mozilla.components.browser.awesomebar.facts.BrowserAwesomeBarFacts Facts emitted for telemetry related to the AwesomeBar feature.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.BrowserIcons Entry point for loading icons for websites. A popup menu composed of BrowserMenuItem objects. Helper class for building browser menus. A browser menu item displaying styleable text, usable for menu categories A simple browser menu checkbox. A browser menu compound button. A basic sub-class would only have to provide a layout resource to satisfy BrowserMenuItem.getLayoutResource which contains a View that inherits from CompoundButton. A browser menu item to display a horizontal divider. Facts emitted for telemetry related to BrowserMenu. Describes how to display a when it is highlighted. A menu item for displaying text with an image icon and a highlight state which sets the background of the menu item and a second image icon to the right of the text. A browser menu switch that can show a highlighted icon. A simple browser menu switch. A menu item for displaying text with an image icon. Interface to be implemented by menu items to be shown in the browser menu. A toolbar of buttons to show inside the browser menu. A simple browser menu switch.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.BrowserState Value type that represents the complete state of the browser/engine. The BrowserStore holds the BrowserState (state tree). Adapter which wraps a browserStore in order to fulfill the SearchAdapter interface.  
mozilla.components.browser.tabstray.BrowserTabsTray A customizable tabs tray for browsers.  
mozilla.components.browser.thumbnails.BrowserThumbnails Feature implementation for automatically taking thumbnails of sites. The feature will take a screenshot when the page finishes loading, and will add it to the ContentState.thumbnail property.  
mozilla.components.browser.toolbar.BrowserToolbar A customizable toolbar for browsers.  
mozilla.components.browser.toolbar.behavior.BrowserToolbarBottomBehavior A CoordinatorLayout.Behavior implementation to be used when placing BrowserToolbar at the bottom of the screen. Helpful tools for dealing with other browsers on this device.  
mozilla.components.Build Information about the current Android Components build.  
kotlin.ByteArray (extensions in package Cancels the provided job when a view is detached from the window  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.CancellableOperation Represents an async operation that can be cancelled.  
mozilla.appservices.fxaclient.Device.Capability (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa) Wraps the data of a NotificationChannel as this class is available after API 26.  
kotlin.Char (extensions in package    
mozilla.components.concept.engine.prompt.Choice Value type that represents a select option, optgroup or menuitem html element.  
mozilla.components.concept.fetch.Client A generic Client for fetching resources via HTTP/s.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement.ClientIdMeasurement A unique, randomly generated UUID for this client.  
mozilla.components.feature.awesomebar.provider.ClipboardSuggestionProvider An AwesomeBar.SuggestionProvider implementation that returns a suggestions for an URL in the clipboard (if there’s any).  
kotlin.collections.Collection (extensions in package A FactProcessor implementation that keeps all Fact objects in a list.  
mozilla.components.feature.prompts.dialog.ColorItem Represents an item in the BasicColorAdapter list.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.processor.ColorProcessor IconProcessor implementation to extract the dominant color from the icon. Menu option that shows a switch or checkbox. A simple ping Uploader, which implements a “send once” policy, never storing or attempting to send the ping again. This uses Android Component’s concept-fetch.  
mozilla.components.service.experiments.Configuration The Configuration class describes how to configure Experiments.  
mozilla.components.service.glean.config.Configuration The Configuration class describes how to configure the Glean.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.ConstellationState Describes current device and other devices in the constellation. A generic wrapper for values that can get consumed. A generic wrapper for a stream of values that can be consumed. Values will be consumed first in, first out.  
mozilla.components.feature.containers.Container A container also known as a contextual identity.  
mozilla.components.feature.containers.ContainerStorage A storage implementation for organizing containers (contextual identities). Describes styling for the menu option container.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.action.ContentAction BrowserAction implementations related to updating the ContentState of a single SessionState inside BrowserState.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.ContentState Value type that represents the state of the content within a SessionState.  
mozilla.components.feature.contextmenu.ContextMenuCandidate A candidate for an item to be displayed in the context menu.  
mozilla.components.feature.contextmenu.facts.ContextMenuFacts Facts emitted for telemetry related to ContextMenuFeature  
mozilla.components.feature.contextmenu.ContextMenuFeature Feature for displaying a context menu after long-pressing web content.  
mozilla.components.feature.contextmenu.ContextMenuFragment DialogFragment implementation to display the actual context menu dialog.  
mozilla.components.feature.contextmenu.ContextMenuUseCases Contains use cases related to the context menu feature.  
mozilla.components.feature.session.CoordinateScrollingFeature Feature implementation for connecting an EngineView with any View that you want to coordinate scrolling behavior with.  
kotlinx.coroutines.CoroutineScope (extensions in package mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko)    
mozilla.components.lib.crash.Crash Crash types that are handled by this library.  
mozilla.components.lib.crash.handler.CrashHandlerService Service receiving native code crashes (from GeckoView).  
mozilla.components.lib.crash.CrashReporter A generic crash reporter that can report crashes to multiple services.  
mozilla.components.lib.crash.prompt.CrashReporterActivity Activity showing the crash reporter prompt asking the user for confirmation before submitting a crash report.  
mozilla.components.lib.crash.service.CrashReporterService Interface to be implemented by external services that accept crash reports. A crash reporter interface that can report caught exception to multiple services.  
mozilla.components.lib.crash.service.CrashTelemetryService Interface to be implemented by external services that collect telemetry about crash reports.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement.CreatedDateMeasurementNew The field ‘created’ from CreatedDateMeasurement will be deprecated for the createdDate field  
org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement.CreatedTimestampMeasurementNew The field ‘created’ from CreatedTimestampMeasurement will be deprecated for the createdTimestamp field  
mozilla.components.service.glean.private.CustomDistributionMetricType Contains functionality to manage custom domains for auto-completion. Provides autocomplete functionality for domains based on a list managed by CustomDomains.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.CustomTabConfig Holds configuration data for a Custom Tab.  
mozilla.components.feature.customtabs.CustomTabIntentProcessor Processor for intents which trigger actions related to custom tabs.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.action.CustomTabListAction BrowserAction implementations related to updating BrowserState.customTabs.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.CustomTabSessionState Value type that represents the state of a Custom Tab.  
mozilla.components.feature.customtabs.feature.CustomTabSessionTitleObserver Sets the title of the custom tab toolbar based on the session title and URL. Value type that represents the state of a single custom tab accessible from both the service and activity.  
mozilla.components.feature.customtabs.CustomTabWindowFeature Feature implementation for handling window requests by opening custom tabs.    
mozilla.components.feature.customtabs.CustomTabsFacts Facts emitted for telemetry related to CustomTabsToolbarFeature Value type that represents the custom tabs state accessible from both the service and activity.    
mozilla.components.feature.customtabs.CustomTabsToolbarFeature Initializes and resets the Toolbar for a Custom Tab based on the CustomTabConfig.  
mozilla.components.feature.qr.views.CustomViewFinder A View that shows a ViewFinder positioned in center of the camera view and draws an Overlay  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.ui.CustomViewHolder A base view holder.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.DataCleanable Contract to indicate how objects with the ability to clear data should behave.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.loader.DataUriIconLoader An IconLoader implementation that will base64 decode the image bytes from a data:image uri.  
mozilla.components.service.glean.private.DatetimeMetricType Menu option that displays static text.  
mozilla.components.feature.push.DecryptedMessage Represents a decrypted push message for notifying observers of the scope.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.update.DefaultAddonUpdater An implementation of AddonUpdater that uses the work manager api for scheduling new updates.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.generator.DefaultIconGenerator IconGenerator implementation that will generate an icon with a background color, rounded corners and a letter representing the URL.  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.DefaultLoginValidationDelegate A delegate that will check against storage to see if a given Login can be persisted, and return information about why it can or cannot.  
mozilla.components.feature.contextmenu.DefaultSelectionActionDelegate Adds normal and private search buttons to text selection context menus.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.DefaultSettings Settings implementation used to set defaults for Engine and EngineSession.  
mozilla.components.feature.prompts.share.DefaultShareDelegate Default ShareDelegate implementation that displays the native share sheet.  
mozilla.components.feature.contextmenu.DefaultSnackbarDelegate Default implementation for ContextMenuCandidate.SnackbarDelegate. Will display a standard default Snackbar.  
mozilla.components.browser.awesomebar.layout.DefaultSuggestionLayout Default implementation of SuggestionLayout to be used by BrowserAwesomeBar.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.migration.DefaultSupportedAddonsChecker An implementation of SupportedAddonsChecker that uses the work manager api for scheduling checks.  
mozilla.components.browser.tabstray.DefaultTabViewHolder The default implementation of TabViewHolder Represents the desired size of an images to be loaded.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.Device Describes a device in the DeviceConstellation.  
mozilla.appservices.fxaclient.Device (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa)    
mozilla.components.concept.sync.DeviceCapability Capabilities that a Device may have.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.DeviceCommandIncoming Incoming device commands (ie, targeted at the current device.)  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.DeviceCommandOutgoing Outgoing device commands (ie, targeted at other devices.)  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.DeviceConfig Configuration for the current device.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.DeviceConstellation Describes available interactions with the current device and other devices associated with an OAuthAccount.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.DeviceConstellationObserver Allows monitoring constellation state.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.DevicePushSubscription Describes an Autopush-compatible push channel subscription.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.DeviceType Describes a type of the physical device in the constellation.  
mozilla.components.service.digitalassetlinks.api.DigitalAssetLinksApi Digital Asset Links allows any caller to check pre declared relationships between two assets which can be either web domains or native applications. This class checks for a specific relationship declared by two assets via the online API.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.DisabledFlags Flags to check for different reasons why an extension is disabled.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.loader.DiskIconLoader IconLoader implementation that loads icons from a disk cache.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.preparer.DiskIconPreparer IconPreprarer implementation implementation that will add known resource URLs (from a disk cache) to the request if the request doesn’t contain a list of resources yet.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.processor.DiskIconProcessor IconProcessor implementation that saves icons in the disk cache. Shared CoroutineDispatchers used by Android Components and app code - in addition to dispatchers provided by kotlinx-coroutines-android.  
mozilla.components.browser.toolbar.display.DisplayToolbar Sub-component of the browser toolbar responsible for displaying the URL and related controls (“display mode”).  
mozilla.components.browser.toolbar.display.DisplayToolbarView Custom ConstraintLayout for DisplayToolbar that allows us to draw ripple backgrounds on the toolbar by setting a background to transparent. Menu option to display a horizontal divider. Class intended for internal use which encapsulates meta data about a domain. Provides autocomplete functionality for domains, based on a provided list of assets (see Domains) and/or a custom domain list managed by CustomDomains. Describes an autocompletion result against a list of domains. Contains functionality to access domain lists shipped as part of this module’s assets.    
kotlin.Double (extensions in package mozilla.components.lib.jexl.ext)    
mozilla.components.browser.state.action.DownloadAction BrowserAction implementations related to updating the global download state.  
mozilla.components.feature.downloads.DownloadDialogFragment This is a general representation of a dialog meant to be used in collaboration with DownloadsFeature to show a dialog before a download is triggered. If SimpleDownloadDialogFragment is not flexible enough for your use case you should inherit for this class. Be mindful to call onStartDownload when you want to start the download.  
mozilla.components.feature.downloads.DownloadMiddleware Middleware implementation for managing downloads via the provided download service. Its purpose is to react to global download state changes (e.g. of BrowserState.queuedDownloads) and notify the download service, as needed.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.content.DownloadState Value type that represents a download request.    
mozilla.components.feature.downloads.facts.DownloadsFacts Facts emitted for telemetry related to DownloadsFeature  
mozilla.components.feature.downloads.DownloadsFeature Feature implementation to provide download functionality for the selected session. The feature will subscribe to the selected session and listen for downloads.  
mozilla.components.feature.downloads.DownloadsUseCases Contains use cases related to the downloads feature. Menu icon that displays an image button. Menu icon that displays a drawable. RecylerView with automatically set width between widthMin / widthMax xml attributes.  
mozilla.components.browser.toolbar.edit.EditToolbar Sub-component of the browser toolbar responsible for allowing the user to edit the URL (“edit mode”).  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.EnableSource Provides additional information about why an extension is being enabled or disabled.  
mozilla.components.concept.push.EncryptedPushMessage A push message holds the information needed to pass the message on to the appropriate receiver.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.Engine Entry point for interacting with the engine implementation.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.action.EngineAction BrowserAction implementations related to updating the EngineState of a single SessionState inside BrowserState.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.EngineSession Class representing a single engine session.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.EngineSessionState The state of an EngineSession. An instance can be obtained from EngineSession.saveState. Creating a new EngineSession and calling EngineSession.restoreState with the same state instance should restore the previous session.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.EngineState Value type that holds the browser engine state of a session.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.utils.EngineVersion Data class for engine versions using semantic versioning (major.minor.patch).  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.EngineView View component that renders web content.  
mozilla.components.feature.session.behavior.EngineViewBottomBehavior A CoordinatorLayout.Behavior implementation to be used with EngineView when placing a toolbar at the bottom of the screen.  
mozilla.components.feature.session.EngineViewPresenter Presenter implementation for EngineView.  
mozilla.components.browser.errorpages.ErrorType Enum containing all supported error types that we can display an error page for.  
java.lang.Exception (extensions in package    
mozilla.components.lib.crash.handler.ExceptionHandler Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler implementation that forwards crashes to the CrashReporter instance.  
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.Experiment Represents an A/B test experiment, independent of the underlying storage mechanism  
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.ExperimentDescriptor Class used to identify an experiment  
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.ExperimentDownloadException Exception while downloading experiments from the server  
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.ExperimentPayload Class which represents an experiment associated data  
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.ExperimentSource Represents a location where experiments are stored (Kinto, a JSON file on a server, etc)  
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.ExperimentStorage Represents a location where experiments are stored locally on the device  
mozilla.components.service.experiments.Experiments The main Experiments object.  
mozilla.components.service.experiments.debug.ExperimentsDebugActivity Debugging activity exported by service-experiments to allow easier debugging. This accepts commands that can force the library to do the following:  
mozilla.components.service.experiments.ExperimentsInternalAPI This is the main experiments API, which is exposed through the global Experiments object.  
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.ExperimentsSnapshot Represents an experiment sync result  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.ExternalAppType Represents different contexts that a custom tab session can be displayed in. A fact describing a generic event that has occurred in a component. A FactProcessor receives Fact instances to process them further. Global API for collecting Fact objects and forwarding them to FactProcessor instances. Entrypoint for Fennec data migration. See Builder for public API. Exceptions related to Fennec migrations. A profile of “Fennec” (Firefox for Android). Exceptions related to Fennec profile migrations.  
mozilla.components.feature.downloads.manager.FetchDownloadManager Handles the interactions with AbstractFetchDownloadService.  
mozilla.components.tooling.fetch.tests.FetchTestCases Generic test cases for concept-fetch implementations. (extensions in package TelemetryStorage implementation that stores pings as files on disk.  
mozilla.components.feature.findinpage.view.FindInPageBar A customizable “Find in page” bar implementing FindInPageView.  
mozilla.components.feature.findinpage.facts.FindInPageFacts Facts emitted for telemetry related to FindInPageFeature  
mozilla.components.feature.findinpage.FindInPageFeature Feature implementation that will keep a FindInPageView in sync with a bound SessionState.  
mozilla.components.feature.findinpage.view.FindInPageView An interface for views that can display “find in page” results and related UI controls.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.content.FindResultState A value type representing a result of a “find in page” operation.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.FirefoxAccount FirefoxAccount represents the authentication state of a client.  
mozilla.components.feature.accounts.FirefoxAccountsAuthFeature Ties together an account manager with a session manager/tabs implementation, facilitating an authentication flow.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement.FirstRunProfileDateMeasurement This measurement will save the timestamp of the first time it was instantiated and report this as profile creation date. Class which uses a flat JSON file as an experiment storage mechanism  
kotlin.Float (extensions in package mozilla.components.lib.jexl.ext)    
kotlin.Float (extensions in package    
kotlinx.coroutines.flow.Flow (extensions in package (extensions in package mozilla.components.lib.state.ext)    
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.Fretboard Entry point of the library  
mozilla.components.feature.session.FullScreenFeature Feature implementation for handling fullscreen mode (exiting and back button presses).  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.manager.FxaAccountManager An account manager which encapsulates various internal details of an account lifecycle and provides an observer interface along with a public API for interacting with an account. The internal state machine abstracts over state space as exposed by the fxaclient library, not the internal states experienced by lower-level representation of a Firefox Account; those are opaque to us.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.FxaAuthData Captures basic OAuth authentication data (code, state) and any additional data FxA passes along.  
mozilla.components.feature.accounts.FxaCapability Configurable FxA capabilities.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.FxaDeviceConstellation Provides an implementation of DeviceConstellation backed by a FirefoxAccount.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.FxaDeviceSettingsCache A thin wrapper around SharedPreferences which knows how to serialize/deserialize DeviceSettings.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.FxaException High-level exception class for the exceptions thrown in the Rust library. Wraps FxaMigrationResult in an exception so that it can be returned via Result.Failure. Result of an FxA migration.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.FxaNetworkException Thrown on a network error.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.FxaPanicException Thrown when the Rust library hits an assertion or panic (this is always a bug).  
mozilla.components.feature.accounts.push.FxaPushSupportFeature A feature used for supporting FxA and push integration where needed. One of the main functions is when FxA notifies the device during a sync, that it’s unable to reach the device via push messaging; triggering a push registration renewal.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.FxaUnauthorizedException Thrown when the operation requires additional authorization.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.FxaUnspecifiedException Thrown when the Rust library hits an unexpected error that isn’t a panic. This may indicate library misuse, network errors, etc.  
mozilla.components.feature.accounts.FxaWebChannelFeature Feature implementation that provides Firefox Accounts WebChannel support. For more information This feature uses a web extension to communicate with FxA Web Content.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.glean.GeckoAdapter This implements a RuntimeTelemetry.Delegate that dispatches Gecko runtime telemetry to the Glean SDK.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.GeckoEngine Gecko-based implementation of Engine interface.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.GeckoEngineSession Gecko-based EngineSession implementation.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.GeckoEngineView Gecko-based EngineView implementation.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.autofill.GeckoLoginDelegateWrapper This class exists only to convert incoming LoginEntry arguments into Logins, then forward them to storageDelegate. This allows us to avoid duplicating LoginStorageDelegate code between different versions of GeckoView, by duplicating this wrapper instead.  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.GeckoLoginStorageDelegate LoginStorageDelegate implementation. Wraps GeckoMigrationResult in an exception so that it can be returned via Result.Failure. Result of a Gecko migration.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.permission.GeckoPermissionRequest Gecko-based implementation of PermissionRequest.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.webextension.GeckoPort Gecko-based implementation of Port, wrapping the native port provided by GeckoView.  
org.mozilla.geckoview.GeckoResult (extensions in package mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko)    
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.selection.GeckoSelectionActionDelegate An adapter between the GV BasicSelectionActionDelegate and a generic SelectionActionDelegate.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.content.blocking.GeckoTrackingProtectionException Represents a site that will be ignored by the tracking protection policies.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.fetch.GeckoViewFetchClient GeckoView (GeckoWebExecutor) based implementation of Client.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.webextension.GeckoWebExtension Gecko-based implementation of WebExtension, wrapping the native web extension object provided by GeckoView.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.window.GeckoWindowRequest Gecko-based implementation of WindowRequest.  
mozilla.components.service.glean.Glean In contrast with other glean-ac classes (i.e. Configuration), we can’t use typealias to export mozilla.telemetry.glean.Glean, as we need to provide a different default Configuration. Moreover, we can’t simply delegate other methods or inherit, since that doesn’t work for object in Kotlin.  
mozilla.components.lib.crash.service.GleanCrashReporterService A CrashReporterService implementation for recording metrics with Glean. The purpose of this crash reporter is to collect crash count metrics by capturing Crash.UncaughtExceptionCrash, Throwable and Crash.NativeCodeCrash events and record to the respective mozilla.components.service.glean.private.CounterMetricType.  
mozilla.components.service.glean.testing.GleanTestLocalServer This implements a JUnit rule for writing tests for Glean SDK metrics.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.sync.GlobalSyncableStoreProvider A singleton registry of SyncableStore objects. WorkManagerSyncDispatcher will use this to access configured SyncableStore instances.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.grammar.Grammar Grammar of the JEXL language.  
mozilla.components.concept.fetch.Header Represents a Header containing of a name and value.  
mozilla.components.concept.fetch.Headers A collection of HTTP Headers (immutable) of a Request or Response. Changes the background of the menu item. Used for errors that require user attention, like sync errors. Indicates that a menu item shows a highlight.  
mozilla.components.service.glean.private.HistogramType Describes an autocompletion result against history storage.  
mozilla.components.feature.session.HistoryDelegate Implementation of the HistoryTrackingDelegate which delegates work to an instance of HistoryStorage.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.history.HistoryItem A representation of an entry in browser history.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.content.HistoryState Value type that represents browser history. An interface which defines read/write methods for history data.  
mozilla.components.feature.awesomebar.provider.HistoryStorageSuggestionProvider A AwesomeBar.SuggestionProvider implementation that provides suggestions based on the browsing history stored in the HistoryStorage.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.history.HistoryTrackingDelegate An interface used for providing history information to an engine (e.g. for link highlighting), and receiving history updates from the engine (visits to URLs, title changes).  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.HitResult Represents all the different supported types of data that can be found from long clicking an element.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.loader.HttpIconLoader IconLoader implementation that will try to download the icon for resources that point to an http(s) URL.  
mozilla.components.lib.fetch.httpurlconnection.HttpURLConnectionClient HttpURLConnection implementation of Client.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.decoder.ICOIconDecoder ImageDecoder implementation for decoding ICO files.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.Icon An Icon returned by BrowserIcons after processing an IconRequest  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.utils.IconDiskCache Caching bitmaps and resource URLs on disk.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.generator.IconGenerator A IconGenerator implementation can generate a Bitmap for an IconRequest. It’s a fallback if no icon could be loaded for a specific URL.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.loader.IconLoader A loader that can load an icon from an IconRequest.Resource.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.preparer.IconPreprarer An IconPreparer implementation receives an IconRequest before it is getting loaded. The preparer has the option to rewrite the IconRequest and return a new instance.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.processor.IconProcessor An IconProcessor implementation receives the Icon with the IconRequest and IconRequest.Resource after the icon was loaded. The IconProcessor has the option to rewrite a loaded Icon and return a new instance.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.IconRequest A request to load an Icon.  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.IdCollisionException This is thrown if add() is given a record whose id is not blank, and collides with a record already known to the storage instance. An image decoder that can decode a ByteArray into a Bitmap. A loader that can load an image from an ID directly into an ImageView. A request to load an image.  
mozilla.components.tooling.lint.ImageViewAndroidTintXmlDetector A custom lint check that prohibits not using the app:tint for ImageViews  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.InFlightMigrationState Represents a specific type of an “in-flight” migration state that could result from intermittent issues during OAuthAccount.migrateFromSessionTokenAsync or OAuthAccount.copyFromSessionTokenAsync. An in-memory implementation of  
mozilla.components.service.digitalassetlinks.IncludeStatement Include statements point to another Digital Asset Links statement file.  
mozilla.appservices.fxaclient.IncomingDeviceCommand (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa)    
mozilla.components.ui.autocomplete.InlineAutocompleteEditText A UI edit text component which supports inline autocompletion.  
kotlin.Int (extensions in package mozilla.components.lib.jexl.ext)    
kotlin.Int (extensions in package    
mozilla.components.feature.intent.processing.IntentProcessor Processor for Android intents which should trigger session-related actions.  
mozilla.components.concept.fetch.interceptor.Interceptor An Interceptor for a Client implementation.  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.InvalidKeyException This error is emitted in two cases:  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.InvalidRecordException This is thrown on attempts to insert or update a record so that it is no longer valid, where “invalid” is defined as such:  
kotlin.collections.Iterable (extensions in package    
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.JSONExperimentParser Default JSON parsing implementation  
org.mozilla.telemetry.serialize.JSONPingSerializer TelemetryPingSerializer that uses the org.json library provided by the Android system. The Parser is a function that takes a JSON Response and maps it to a Suggestion list.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.value.JexlArray JEXL Array type.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.value.JexlBoolean JEXL Boolean type.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.evaluator.JexlContext Variables defined in the JexlContext are available to expressions.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.value.JexlDouble JEXL Double type.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.JexlException Generic exception thrown when evaluating an expression failed.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.value.JexlInteger JEXL Integer type.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.value.JexlObject JEXL Object type.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.value.JexlString JEXL String type.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.value.JexlUndefined JEXL undefined type.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.value.JexlValue A JEXL value type.  
kotlinx.coroutines.Job (extensions in package    
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.scheduler.jobscheduler.JobSchedulerSyncScheduler Class used to schedule sync of experiment configuration from the server  
org.mozilla.telemetry.schedule.jobscheduler.JobSchedulerTelemetryScheduler TelemetryScheduler implementation that uses Android’s JobScheduler API to schedule ping uploads.    
kotlin.reflect.KProperty0 (extensions in package    
mozilla.components.lib.dataprotect.KeyStoreWrapper Wraps the critical functions around a Java KeyStore to better facilitate testing and instrumenting.  
mozilla.components.lib.dataprotect.Keystore Manages data protection using a system-isolated cryptographic key.  
mozilla.components.lib.dataprotect.KeystoreException Exception type thrown by {@link Keystore} when an error is encountered that is not otherwise covered by an existing sub-class to GeneralSecurityException.  
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.source.kinto.KintoExperimentSource Class responsible for fetching and parsing experiments from a Kinto server  
mozilla.components.browser.session.engine.request.LaunchIntentMetadata JUnit rule that will install LeakCanary to detect memory leaks happening while the instrumented tests are running.  
mozilla.components.browser.session.LegacySessionManager This class provides access to a centralized registry of all active sessions.  
androidx.lifecycle.Lifecycle (extensions in package An interface for all entry points to feature components to implement in order to make them lifecycle aware.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.LifecycleObserver LifecycleObserver which dispatches lifecycle events to an EngineView.  
mozilla.components.tooling.lint.LintIssueRegistry Registry which provides a list of our custom lint checks to be performed on an Android project.  
mozilla.components.tooling.lint.LintLogChecks Custom lint checks related to logging.  
kotlin.collections.List (extensions in package    
kotlin.collections.List (extensions in package mozilla.components.concept.fetch)    
kotlin.collections.List (extensions in package mozilla.components.lib.jexl.ext)    
kotlin.collections.List (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa.sync)    
mozilla.components.browser.session.engine.request.LoadRequestOption Simple enum class for defining the set of characteristics of a LoadRequest. Base activity for apps that want to customized the system defined language by their own. Base application for apps that want to customized the system defined language by their own. Helper for apps that want to change locale defined by the system.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement.LocaleMeasurement LocalizationProvider implementation that only provides the language and country from the system’s default languageTag.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.integration.LocaleSettingUpdater Class to set the locales setting for geckoview, updating from the locale of the device.  
mozilla.components.service.location.LocationService Interface describing a LocationService that returns a Region. API for logging messages and exceptions. A FactProcessor implementation that prints collected Fact instances to the log. A wrapper for the Log object providing a more convenient API for logging. Represents a login that can be used by autofill APIs. Used to handle Login storage so that the underlying engine doesn’t have to. An instance of this should be attached to the Gecko runtime in order to be used. Provides a method for checking whether or not a given login can be stored. An interface describing a storage layer for logins/passwords.  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.LoginsStorageException The base class of all errors emitted by logins storage.  
kotlin.Long (extensions in package mozilla.components.feature.downloads) Displays a notification dot. Used for highlighting new features to the user, such as what’s new or a recommended feature. JUnit rule to change Dispatchers.Main in coroutines.  
mozilla.components.feature.pwa.ManifestStorage Disk storage for WebAppManifest. Other components use this class to reload a saved manifest.  
mozilla.components.feature.pwa.feature.ManifestUpdateFeature Feature used to update the existing web app manifest and web app shortcut.  
kotlin.collections.Map (extensions in package A collection of non-domain specific Matchers. Value type that represents a media element that is present on the currently displayed page in a session.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.action.MediaAction BrowserAction implementations related to updating the MediaState. Facts emitted for telemetry related to MediaFeature Feature that will auto-rotate the device to the correct orientation for the media aspect ratio. Middleware implementation for updating the MediaState.Aggregate and launching an MediaServiceLauncher  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.MediaState Value type that represents the state of the media elements and playback states. Interface for components that can seize large amounts of memory and support trimming in low memory situations.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.loader.MemoryIconLoader An IconLoader implementation that loads icons from an in-memory cache.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.preparer.MemoryIconPreparer An IconPreprarer implementation that will add known resource URLs (from an in-memory cache) to the request if the request doesn’t contain a list of resources yet.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.processor.MemoryIconProcessor An IconProcessor implementation that saves icons in the in-memory cache.  
mozilla.components.service.glean.private.MemoryUnit A three-dot button used for expanding menus. Menu option data classes to be shown in the browser menu. Describes an effect for a menu candidate and its container. Effects can also alter the button that opens the menu.  
mozilla.components.browser.menu2.MenuController Controls a popup menu composed of MenuCandidate objects. Describes an effect for the menu. Effects can also alter the button to open the menu. Menu option data classes to be shown alongside menu options Describes an effect for a menu icon. Effects can also alter the button that opens the menu. Interface shared by all MenuIcons with drawables.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.MessageHandler A handler for all messaging related events, usable for both content and background scripts.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.Metadata Provides information about a WebExtension.  
mozilla.components.lib.state.Middleware A Middleware sits between the store and the reducer. It provides an extension point between dispatching an action, and the moment it reaches the reducer.  
mozilla.components.lib.state.MiddlewareStore A simplified Store interface for the purpose of passing it to a Middleware. Supported Fennec migrations and their current versions. Actions supported by the MigrationStore. Facts emitted for telemetry related to migration. An IntentProcessor that checks if we’re in a migration state. The progress of the migration. Results of running a set of migrations. Results of running a single versioned migration.  
mozilla.appservices.fxaclient.MigrationState (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa) Value type that represents the state of the migration. Interface to be implemented by classes that want to observe the migration state changes. Store keeping track of the current MigrationState.  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.MismatchedLockException This is thrown if lock()/unlock() pairs don’t match up.  
mozilla.components.service.location.MozillaLocationService The Mozilla Location Service (MLS) is an open service which lets devices determine their location based on network infrastructure like Bluetooth beacons, cell towers and WiFi access points.  
mozilla.components.lib.crash.service.MozillaSocorroService A CrashReporterService implementation uploading crash reports to  
mozilla.components.concept.fetch.MutableHeaders A collection of HTTP Headers (mutable) of a Request or Response.  
mozilla.components.lib.nearby.NearbyConnection A class that can be run on two devices to allow them to connect. This supports sending a single message at a time in each direction. It contains internal synchronization and may be accessed from any thread.  
mozilla.components.lib.nearby.NearbyConnectionObserver Interface definition for observing changes in a NearbyConnection.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.NestedGeckoView geckoView that supports nested scrolls (for using in a CoordinatorLayout). Menu option that opens a nested sub menu.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.system.NestedWebView WebView that supports nested scrolls (for using in a CoordinatorLayout).  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.NoSuchRecordException This is thrown if update() is performed with a record whose ID does not exist. (extensions in package    
mozilla.components.concept.sync.OAuthAccount Facilitates testing consumers of FirefoxAccount.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.OAuthScopedKey Scoped key data. Interface for observables. This interface is implemented by ObserverRegistry so that classes that want to be observable can implement the interface by delegation:  
mozilla.components.lib.state.Observer Listener called when the state changes in the Store. A helper for classes that want to get observed. This class keeps track of registered observers and can automatically unregister observers if a LifecycleOwner is provided.  
mozilla.components.lib.fetch.okhttp.OkHttpClient Client implementation using OkHttp.  
mozilla.components.feature.accounts.push.OneTimeFxaPushReset Resets the fxa push scope (and therefore push subscription) if it does not follow the new format.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement.OperatingSystemVersionMeasurement Pair of origin and relation type used as key in CustomTabState.relationships.  
mozilla.components.feature.customtabs.verify.OriginVerifier Used to verify postMessage origin for a designated package name.  
mozilla.components.feature.p2p.view.P2PBar A toolbar for peer-to-peer communication between browsers. Setting listener causes the buttons to become active.  
mozilla.components.feature.p2p.P2PFeature Feature implementation for peer-to-peer communication between browsers.  
mozilla.components.feature.p2p.internal.P2PInteractor Handle requests from P2PView, including interactions with the extension.  
mozilla.components.feature.p2p.internal.P2PPresenter Sends updates to P2PView based on updates from NearbyConnection.  
mozilla.components.feature.p2p.view.P2PView An interface for views that can display the peer-to-peer communication toolbar. A representation of an Android Padding. Information to record about a visit.  
kotlin.Pair (extensions in package A parent menu item for displaying text and an image icon with a nested sub menu. It handles back pressing if the sub menu contains a BackPressMenuItem.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.permission.Permission Represents all the different supported permission types.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.permission.PermissionRequest Represents a permission request, used when engines need access to protected resources. Every request must be handled by either calling grant or reject.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.ui.PermissionsDialogFragment A dialog that shows a set of permission required by an Addon. Interface for features that need to request permissions from the user.  
mozilla.components.feature.session.PictureInPictureFeature A simple implementation of Picture-in-picture mode if on a supported platform.  
mozilla.components.service.glean.private.PingType Shadow for PixelCopy API. Implementation of the BookmarksStorage which is backed by a Rust Places lib via PlacesApi. Implementation of the HistoryStorage which is backed by a Rust Places lib via PlacesApi. A base class for concrete implementations of PlacesStorages  
mozilla.components.service.pocket.PocketEndpoint Makes requests to the Pocket API and returns the requested data.  
mozilla.components.service.pocket.PocketEndpointRaw Make requests to the Pocket endpoint and returns the raw JSON data: this class is intended to be very dumb. A recommended video as returned from the Pocket Global Video Recommendation endpoint v2.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement.PocketIdMeasurement A unique, randomly generated UUID for this pocket client for fire-tv instance. This is distinct from the telemetry clientId. The clientId should not be able to be tied to the pocketId in any way.  
mozilla.components.service.pocket.PocketJSONParser Holds functions that parse the JSON returned by the Pocket API and converts them to more usable Kotlin types. The metadata for a spoken article’s audio file.  
mozilla.components.service.pocket.PocketListenEndpoint Makes requests to the Pocket Listen API and returns the requested data. A response from the Pocket API: the subclasses determine the type of the result and contain usable data.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.Port Represents a port for exchanging messages: Represents a class that holds a reference to SharedPreferences.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.mediaquery.PreferredColorScheme A simple data class used to suggest to page content that the user prefers a particular color scheme.  
mozilla.components.feature.privatemode.notification.PrivateNotificationFeature Starts up a AbstractPrivateNotificationService once a private tab is opened.  
mozilla.appservices.fxaclient.Profile (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa)    
mozilla.components.feature.prompts.PromptFeature Feature for displaying native dialogs for html elements like: input type date, file, time, color, option, menu, authentication, confirmation and alerts.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.prompt.PromptRequest Value type that represents a request for showing a native dialog for prompt web content.  
mozilla.components.feature.push.Protocol Supported network protocols.  
mozilla.components.lib.publicsuffixlist.PublicSuffixList API for reading and accessing the public suffix list.  
mozilla.components.feature.push.PushConfig Configuration object for initializing the Push Manager with an AutoPush server.  
mozilla.components.feature.push.PushConnection An interface that wraps the PushAPI.  
mozilla.components.concept.push.PushError Various error types.  
mozilla.components.concept.push.PushProcessor A push notification processor that handles registration and new messages from the PushService provided. Starting Push in the Application’s onCreate is recommended.  
mozilla.components.concept.push.PushService Implemented by push services like Firebase Cloud Messaging and Amazon Device Messaging SDKs to allow the PushProcessor to manage their lifecycle.  
mozilla.appservices.fxaclient.Device.PushSubscription (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa)    
mozilla.components.feature.qr.QrFeature Feature implementation that provides QR scanning functionality via the QrFragment.  
mozilla.components.feature.qr.QrFragment A Fragment that displays a QR scanner.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.action.ReaderAction BrowserAction implementations related to updating the ReaderState of a single TabSessionState inside BrowserState.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.ReaderState Value type that represents the state of reader mode/view.  
mozilla.components.feature.readerview.view.ReaderViewControlsBar A customizable ReaderView control bar implementing ReaderViewControlsView.  
mozilla.components.feature.readerview.view.ReaderViewControlsView An interface for views that can display ReaderView appearance controls (e.g. font size, font type).  
mozilla.components.feature.readerview.ReaderViewFeature Feature implementation that provides a reader view for the selected session, based on a web extension.  
mozilla.components.feature.readerview.ReaderViewMiddleware Middleware implementation for translating BrowserActions to ReaderActions (e.g. if the URL is updated a new “readerable” check should be executed.)  
mozilla.components.feature.share.RecentApp Interface used for adapting recent apps database entities  
mozilla.components.feature.share.RecentAppsStorage Class used for storing and retrieving the most recent apps  
mozilla.components.service.glean.private.RecordedExperimentData A recording device that can be used by web content. Feature for displaying an ongoing notification while recording devices (camera, microphone) are used. This is a general representation of a dialog meant to be used in collaboration with AppLinksInterceptor to show a dialog before an external link is opened. If SimpleRedirectDialogFragment is not flexible enough for your use case you should inherit for this class. Be mindful to call onConfirmRedirect when you want to open the linked app. A redirect source describes how a page redirected to another page.  
mozilla.components.lib.state.Reducer Reducers specify how the application’s State changes in response to Actions sent to the Store. SearchLocalizationProvider implementation that uses a MozillaLocationService instance to do a region lookup via GeoIP.  
mozilla.components.service.digitalassetlinks.Relation Describes the nature of a statement, and consists of a kind and a detail.  
mozilla.components.service.digitalassetlinks.RelationChecker Verifies that a source is linked to a target. An interface which defines read/write methods for remote tabs data.  
mozilla.components.concept.fetch.Request The Request data class represents a resource request to be send by a Client.  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.RequestFailedException This error is emitted if a request to a sync server failed.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.request.RequestInterceptor Interface for classes that want to intercept load requests to allow custom behavior.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.processor.ResizingProcessor IconProcessor implementation for resizing the loaded icon based on the target size.  
mozilla.components.concept.fetch.Response The Response data class represents a response to a Request send by a Client. Class representing the result of a successful or failed migration action.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.system.matcher.ReversibleString A String wrapper utility that allows for efficient string reversal. We regularly need to reverse strings. The standard way of doing this in Java would be to copy the string to reverse (e.g. using StringBuffer.reverse()). This seems wasteful when we only read our Strings character by character, in which case can just transpose positions as needed. Displays a row of small menu options. An object allowing configuring the HTTP client used by Rust code. See SafeIntent for more background: applications can put garbage values into Bundles. This is primarily experienced when there’s garbage in the Intent’s Bundle. However that Bundle can contain further bundles, and we need to handle those defensively too. External applications can pass values into Intents that can cause us to crash: in defense, we wrap Intent and catch the exceptions they may force us to throw. See bug 1090385 for more. Saves the package name corresponding to a custom tab token.  
mozilla.appservices.fxaclient.ScopedKey (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa) May be implemented by client code in order to allow a component to start searches. A data class representing a search engine. Interface for classes that want to filter the list of search engines a SearchEngineProvider implementation loads. Data class providing an ordered list of search engines and a default search engine from a specific source. This class provides access to a centralized registry of search engines. A very simple parser for search plugins. Interface for classes that load search engines from a specific source. Lifecycle aware feature that forwards SearchRequests from the store to performSearch, and then consumes them. Data class representing the result of calling SearchLocalizationProvider.determineRegion. Class providing language, country and optionally region (actual location) of the user/device to customize the search experience. Value type that represents a request for showing a search to the user. Encapsulates a set of properties which define a result of querying history storage. Provides an interface to get search suggestions from a given SearchEngine. Async function responsible for taking a URL and returning the results  
mozilla.components.feature.awesomebar.provider.SearchSuggestionProvider A AwesomeBar.SuggestionProvider implementation that provides a suggestion containing search engine suggestions (as chips) from the passed in SearchEngine.  
mozilla.components.feature.toolbar.SearchUseCase A function representing the search use case, accepting the search terms as string. Contains use cases related to the search feature.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement.SearchesMeasurement A TelemetryMeasurement implementation to count the number of times a user has searched with a specific engine from a specific location.  
mozilla.components.lib.dataprotect.SecureAbove22Preferences A wrapper around SharedPreferences which encrypts contents on supported API versions (23+). Otherwise, this simply delegates to SharedPreferences.  
mozilla.components.feature.privatemode.feature.SecureWindowFeature Prevents screenshots and screen recordings in private tabs.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.SecurityInfoState A value type holding security information for a Session.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.selection.SelectionActionDelegate Generic delegate for handling the context menu that is shown when text is selected.  
mozilla.components.browser.session.SelectionAwareSessionObserver This class is a combination of Session.Observer and SessionManager.Observer. It provides functionality to observe changes to a specified or selected session, and can automatically take care of switching over the observer in case a different session gets selected (see observeFixed and observeSelected).  
mozilla.components.feature.accounts.push.SendTabFeature A feature that uses the FxaAccountManager to receive tabs.  
mozilla.components.feature.accounts.push.SendTabUseCases Contains use cases for sending tabs to devices related to the firefox-accounts.  
mozilla.components.lib.crash.service.SentryService A CrashReporterService implementation that uploads crash reports to a Sentry server.  
mozilla.appservices.logins.ServerPassword (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.sync.logins)    
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.ServerPassword Raw password data that is stored by the storage implementation.  
mozilla.components.feature.push.ServiceType Supported push services. These are currently limited to Firebase Cloud Messaging and Amazon Device Messaging.  
mozilla.components.browser.session.Session Value type that represents the state of a browser session. Changes can be observed.  
mozilla.components.feature.session.SessionFeature Feature implementation for connecting the engine module with the session module.  
mozilla.components.browser.session.SessionManager This class provides access to a centralized registry of all active sessions.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.SessionState Interface for states that contain a ContentState and can be accessed via an id. Session storage for persisting the state of a SessionManager to disk (browser and engine session states).  
mozilla.components.feature.awesomebar.provider.SessionSuggestionProvider A AwesomeBar.SuggestionProvider implementation that provides suggestions based on the sessions in the SessionManager (Open tabs).  
mozilla.components.feature.session.SessionUseCases Contains use cases related to the session feature.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.Settings Holds settings of an engine or session. Concrete engine implementations define how these settings are applied i.e. whether a setting is applied on an engine or session instance.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement.SettingsMeasurement Wraps SettingsMigrationResult in an exception so that it can be returned via Result.Failure. Result of Fennec settings migration.  
mozilla.components.feature.session.SettingsUseCases Contains use cases related to engine Settings.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.prompt.ShareData Represents data to share for the Web Share and Web Share Target APIs.  
mozilla.components.feature.prompts.share.ShareDelegate Delegate to display a share prompt.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.sharing.ShareableAccount Data structure describing an FxA account within another package that may be used to sign-in.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.sharing.ShareableAuthInfo Data structure describing FxA and Sync credentials necessary to share an FxA account. Helper for component and app code to use unique notification ids without conflicts. An abstract wrapper around SharedPreferences which facilitates caching of T objects. Provides autocomplete functionality for domains based on provided list of assets (see Domains). Indicates the starting or ending side of the menu or an option.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.manager.SignInWithShareableAccountResult Describes a result of running FxaAccountManager.signInWithShareableAccountAsync. A menu item for displaying text with a highlight state which sets the background of the menu item. A simple browser menu item displaying text.  
mozilla.components.feature.downloads.SimpleDownloadDialogFragment A confirmation dialog to be called before a download is triggered. Meant to be used in collaboration with DownloadsFeature This is the default implementation of the RedirectDialogFragment.  
mozilla.components.feature.pwa.feature.SiteControlsBuilder Callback for WebAppSiteControlsFeature that lets the displayed notification be customized.  
mozilla.components.feature.sitepermissions.SitePermissions A site permissions and its state.  
mozilla.components.feature.sitepermissions.SitePermissionsFeature This feature will subscribe to the currently selected Session and display a suitable dialogs based on Session.Observer.onAppPermissionRequested or Session.Observer.onContentPermissionRequested events. Once the dialog is closed the PermissionRequest will be consumed.  
mozilla.components.feature.sitepermissions.SitePermissionsRules Indicate how site permissions must behave by permission category.  
mozilla.components.feature.sitepermissions.SitePermissionsStorage A storage implementation to save SitePermissions.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.manifest.Size Represents dimensions for an image. Corresponds to values of the “sizes” HTML attribute. Small icon button menu option. Can only be used with RowMenuCandidate. Helper to transform SessionManager.Snapshot instances to JSON and back.  
mozilla.components.lib.state.State Generic interface for a State maintained by a Store.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.StatePersistenceCallback Describes a delegate object that is used by OAuthAccount to persist its internal state as it changes.  
mozilla.components.service.digitalassetlinks.Statement Entry in a Digital Asset Links statement file.  
mozilla.components.service.digitalassetlinks.local.StatementApi Builds a list of statements by sending HTTP requests to the given website.  
mozilla.components.service.digitalassetlinks.StatementListFetcher Lists all statements made by a given source.  
mozilla.components.service.digitalassetlinks.local.StatementRelationChecker Checks if a matching relationship is present in a remote statement list.  
mozilla.components.service.digitalassetlinks.StatementResult Represents a statement that can be found in an assetlinks.json file.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement.StaticMeasurement An interface which provides generic operations for storing browser data like history and bookmarks.    
mozilla.components.lib.state.Store A generic store holding an immutable State.  
mozilla.components.lib.state.StoreException Exception for otherwise unhandled errors caught while reducing state or while managing/notifying observers.  
kotlin.String (extensions in package mozilla.components.browser.engine.system.matcher)    
kotlin.String (extensions in package mozilla.components.lib.jexl.ext)    
kotlin.String (extensions in package mozilla.components.lib.publicsuffixlist.ext)    
kotlin.String (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa)    
kotlin.String (extensions in package    
kotlin.String (extensions in package    
mozilla.components.browser.awesomebar.layout.SuggestionLayout A SuggestionLayout implementation defines how the suggestions of the BrowserAwesomeBar are getting layout. By default BrowserAwesomeBar uses DefaultSuggestionLayout. However a consumer can provide its own implementation in order to create a customized look & feel.  
mozilla.components.browser.awesomebar.transform.SuggestionTransformer A SuggestionTransformer takes an input list of AwesomeBar.Suggestion and returns a new list of transformed [AwesomeBar.Suggestion objects.
mozilla.components.browser.awesomebar.layout.SuggestionViewHolder A view holder implementation for displaying an AwesomeBar.Suggestion.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.migration.SupportedAddonsChecker Contract to define the behavior for a periodic checker for newly supported add-ons.  
mozilla.components.feature.session.SwipeRefreshFeature Feature implementation to add pull to refresh functionality to browsers.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.SyncAuthInfo A Firefox Sync friendly auth object which can be obtained from OAuthAccount.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.SyncAuthInfoCache A thin wrapper around SharedPreferences which knows how to serialize/deserialize SyncAuthInfo.  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.SyncAuthInvalidException This indicates that the authentication information (e.g. the SyncUnlockInfo) provided to AsyncLoginsStorage.sync is invalid. This often indicates that it’s stale and should be refreshed with FxA (however, care should be taken not to get into a loop refreshing this information). Represents a Sync client that can be associated with a list of opened tabs.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.SyncConfig Configuration for sync.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.SyncEngine Describes possible sync engines that device can support.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.manager.SyncEnginesStorage Storage layer for the enabled/disabled state of SyncEngine.  
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.scheduler.jobscheduler.SyncJob JobScheduler job used to updating the list of experiments  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.sync.SyncManager A base sync manager implementation.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.sync.SyncReason A collection of objects describing a reason for running a sync.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.SyncStatus Results of running a sync via SyncableStore.sync.  
mozilla.components.service.fxa.sync.SyncStatusObserver An interface for consumers that wish to observer “sync lifecycle” events. Contains functionality necessary to process instances of SyncTelemetryPing.  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.SyncTelemetryPing The telemetry ping from a successful sync  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.SyncUnlockInfo This type contains the set of information required to successfully connect to the server and sync.  
mozilla.components.service.sync.logins.SyncableLoginsStorage An implementation of LoginsStorage backed by application-services’ logins library. Synchronization support is provided both directly (via sync) when only syncing this storage layer, or via getHandle when syncing multiple stores. Use the latter in conjunction with FxaAccountManager.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.SyncableStore Describes a “sync” entry point for a storage layer. A synced device and its list of tabs.  
mozilla.components.feature.syncedtabs.controller.SyncedTabsController A controller for making the appropriate request for remote tabs from SyncedTabsProvider when the FxaAccountManager account is in the appropriate state. The SyncedTabsView can then be notified.  
mozilla.components.feature.syncedtabs.SyncedTabsFeature Feature implementation that will keep a SyncedTabsView notified with other synced device tabs for the Firefox Sync account.  
mozilla.components.feature.syncedtabs.interactor.SyncedTabsInteractor An interactor that handles events from SyncedTabsView.Listener.  
mozilla.components.feature.syncedtabs.presenter.SyncedTabsPresenter A presenter that orchestrates the FxaAccountManager being in the correct state to request remote tabs from the SyncedTabsController or notifies SyncedTabsView.onError otherwise. Provides tabs from remote Firefox Sync devices. A storage that listens to the BrowserStore changes to synchronize the local tabs state with RemoteTabsStorage.  
mozilla.components.feature.syncedtabs.SyncedTabsStorageSuggestionProvider A AwesomeBar.SuggestionProvider implementation that provides suggestions for remote tabs based on SyncedTabsStorage.  
mozilla.components.feature.syncedtabs.view.SyncedTabsView An interface for views that can display Firefox Sync “synced tabs” and related UI controls.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.action.SystemAction BrowserAction implementations to react to system events.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.system.SystemEngine WebView-based implementation of the Engine interface.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.system.SystemEngineSession WebView-based EngineSession implementation.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.system.SystemEngineView WebView-based implementation of EngineView.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.system.permission.SystemPermissionRequest WebView-based implementation of PermissionRequest.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.system.window.SystemWindowRequest WebView-based implementation of WindowRequest. A tab, which is defined by an history (think the previous/next button in your web browser) and a currently active history entry.  
mozilla.components.concept.tabstray.Tab Data class representing a tab to be displayed in a TabsTray. A tab of a TabCollection. A collection of tabs. A storage implementation that saves snapshots of tabs / sessions in named collections.  
mozilla.components.feature.tabs.toolbar.TabCounterToolbarButton A Toolbar.Action implementation that shows a TabCounter.  
mozilla.components.concept.sync.TabData Information about a tab sent with tab related commands. A Tab history entry.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.TabHandler A handler for all tab related events (triggered by browser.tabs.* methods).  
mozilla.appservices.fxaclient.TabHistoryEntry (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa)    
mozilla.components.feature.intent.processing.TabIntentProcessor Processor for intents which should trigger session-related actions.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.action.TabListAction BrowserAction implementations related to updating the list of TabSessionState inside BrowserState.  
mozilla.appservices.fxaclient.IncomingDeviceCommand.TabReceived (extensions in package mozilla.components.service.fxa)    
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.TabSessionState Value type that represents the state of a tab (private or normal).  
mozilla.components.browser.tabstray.TabTouchCallback An ItemTouchHelper.Callback for support gestures on tabs in the tray.  
mozilla.components.browser.tabstray.TabViewHolder An abstract ViewHolder implementation for “tab” items.  
mozilla.components.concept.tabstray.Tabs Aggregate data type keeping a reference to the list of tabs and the index of the selected tab.  
mozilla.components.browser.tabstray.TabsAdapter RecyclerView adapter implementation to display a list/grid of tabs.  
mozilla.components.feature.tabs.tabstray.TabsFeature Feature implementation for connecting a tabs tray implementation with the session module.  
mozilla.components.feature.tabs.toolbar.TabsToolbarFeature Feature implementation for connecting a tabs tray implementation with a toolbar implementation.  
mozilla.components.concept.tabstray.TabsTray Generic interface for components that provide “tabs tray” functionality.  
mozilla.components.feature.tabs.tabstray.TabsTrayInteractor Interactor for a tabs tray component. Subscribes to the tabs tray and invokes use cases to update the session manager.  
mozilla.components.feature.tabs.tabstray.TabsTrayPresenter Presenter implementation for a tabs tray implementation in order to update the tabs tray whenever the state of the session manager changes.  
mozilla.components.feature.tabs.TabsUseCases Contains use cases related to the tabs feature.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.config.TelemetryConfiguration The TelemetryConfiguration class collects the information describing the telemetry setup of an app. There are some parts that every app needs to configure: Where should measurements store data? What servers are we actually uploading pings to? This class should provide good defaults so that in the best case it is not needed to modify the configuration. This mobile-specific ping is intended to provide the most critical data in a concise format, allowing for frequent uploads. Since this ping is used to measure retention, it should be sent each time the app is opened.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.event.TelemetryEvent TelemetryEvent specifies a common events data format, which allows for broader, shared usage of data processing tools. A telemetry ping builder for pings of type “focus-event”.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.TelemetryHolder Holder of a static reference to the Telemetry instance. This is required for background services that somehow need to get access to the configuration and storage. This is not particular nice. Hopefully we can replace this with something better. Result of a telemetry identifier migration.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement.TelemetryMeasurement A telemetry ping builder for events of type “mobile-event”. See the schema for more details: A telemetry ping builder for events of type “mobile-metrics”. See the schema for more details:    
org.mozilla.telemetry.serialize.TelemetryPingSerializer A telemetry ping builder for events of type “fire-tv-events”. See the schema for more details:  
org.mozilla.telemetry.schedule.TelemetryScheduler Enum for text alignment values.  
mozilla.components.ui.autocomplete.TextFormatter Interactive menu option that displays some text. Menu icon to display additional text at the end of a menu option. Describes styling for text inside a menu option.  
mozilla.components.tooling.lint.TextViewAndroidSrcXmlDetector A custom lint check that prohibits not using the app:srcCompat for ImageViews A ReadWriteProperty implementation for creating stub properties.  
kotlin.Throwable (extensions in package    
mozilla.components.browser.thumbnails.utils.ThumbnailDiskCache Caching thumbnail bitmaps on disk.  
mozilla.components.browser.thumbnails.loader.ThumbnailLoader An implementation of ImageLoader for loading thumbnails into a ImageView. Thumbnail storage layer which handles saving and loading the thumbnail from the disk cache.  
mozilla.components.browser.thumbnails.ThumbnailsMiddleware Middleware implementation for handling ContentAction.UpdateThumbnailAction and storing the thumbnail to the disk cache.  
mozilla.components.browser.icons.preparer.TippyTopIconPreparer IconPreprarer implementation that looks up the host in our “tippy top” list. If it can find a match then it inserts the icon URL into the request.  
mozilla.components.lib.jexl.lexer.Token A token emitted by the Lexer.  
mozilla.components.concept.toolbar.Toolbar Interface to be implemented by components that provide browser toolbar functionality.  
mozilla.components.feature.toolbar.ToolbarAutocompleteFeature Feature implementation for connecting a toolbar with a list of autocomplete providers.  
mozilla.components.browser.toolbar.facts.ToolbarFacts Facts emitted for telemetry related to ToolbarFeature  
mozilla.components.feature.toolbar.ToolbarFeature Feature implementation for connecting a toolbar implementation with the session module.  
mozilla.components.feature.toolbar.ToolbarInteractor Connects a toolbar instance to the browser engine via use cases  
mozilla.components.feature.toolbar.ToolbarPresenter Presenter implementation for a toolbar implementation in order to update the toolbar whenever the state of the selected session. Information about a top frecent site. This represents a most frequently visited site. A top site. A storage implementation for organizing top sites.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.content.blocking.Tracker Represents a blocked content tracker.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.content.blocking.TrackerLog Represents a blocked content tracker.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.action.TrackingProtectionAction BrowserAction implementations related to updating the TrackingProtectionState of a single SessionState inside BrowserState.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.content.blocking.TrackingProtectionException Represents a site that will be ignored by the tracking protection policies.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.content.blocking.TrackingProtectionExceptionStorage A contract that define how a tracking protection storage must behave.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.TrackingProtectionState Value type that represents the state of tracking protection within a SessionState.  
mozilla.components.feature.session.TrackingProtectionUseCases Contains use cases related to the tracking protection.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.system.matcher.Trie Simple implementation of a Trie, used for indexing URLs.  
mozilla.components.feature.pwa.intent.TrustedWebActivityIntentProcessor Processor for intents which open Trusted Web Activities. Enum for Typeface values.    
mozilla.components.feature.addons.ui.UnsupportedAddonsAdapter An adapter for displaying unsupported add-on items.  
mozilla.components.feature.addons.ui.UnsupportedAddonsAdapterDelegate Provides methods for handling the success and error callbacks from uninstalling an add-on in the list of unsupported add-on items.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.UnsupportedSettingException Exception thrown by default if a setting is not supported by an engine or session.  
mozilla.components.browser.engine.system.matcher.UrlMatcher Provides functionality to process categorized URL black/white lists and match URLs against these lists. Generic interface for fragments, features and other components that want to handle user interactions such as ‘back’ or ‘home’ button presses.  
mozilla.components.service.glean.private.UuidMetricType Marks the state of a custom tabs Relation verification.  
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.ValuesProvider Class used to provide custom filter values Different states of Digital Asset Link verification.  
org.mozilla.telemetry.measurement.VersionMeasurement Describes a Migration at a specific version, enforcing in-range version specification. Wrapper for LifecycleAwareFeature instances that keep a strong references to a View. This wrapper is helpful when the lifetime of the View may be shorter than the Lifecycle and you need to keep a reference to the LifecycleAwareFeature that may outlive the View.  
mozilla.components.browser.tabstray.ViewHolderProvider Function responsible for creating a TabViewHolder in the TabsAdapter.  
androidx.test.espresso.ViewInteraction (extensions in package Information about a history visit. Visit type constants as defined by Desktop Firefox.  
mozilla.components.feature.pwa.feature.WebAppActivityFeature Feature used to handle window effects for “standalone” and “fullscreen” web apps.  
mozilla.components.feature.pwa.feature.WebAppHideToolbarFeature Hides a custom tab toolbar for Progressive Web Apps and Trusted Web Activities.  
mozilla.components.feature.pwa.intent.WebAppIntentProcessor Processor for intents which trigger actions related to web apps.  
mozilla.components.feature.pwa.WebAppLauncherActivity This activity is launched by Web App shortcuts on the home screen.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.manifest.WebAppManifest The web app manifest provides information about an application (such as its name, author, icon, and description).  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.manifest.WebAppManifestParser Parser for constructing a WebAppManifest from JSON.  
mozilla.components.feature.pwa.WebAppShortcutManager Helper to manage pinned shortcuts for websites.  
mozilla.components.feature.pwa.feature.WebAppSiteControlsFeature Displays site controls notification for fullscreen web apps.  
mozilla.components.feature.pwa.WebAppUseCases These use cases allow for adding a web app or web site to the homescreen.  
mozilla.components.feature.webcompat.WebCompatFeature Feature to enable website-hotfixing via the Web Compatibility System-Addon.  
mozilla.components.feature.webcompat.reporter.WebCompatReporterFeature Feature to enable website-hotfixing via the Web Compatibility System-Addon.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.WebExtension Represents a browser extension based on the WebExtension API:  
mozilla.components.browser.state.action.WebExtensionAction BrowserAction implementations related to updating BrowserState.extensions and TabSessionState.extensionState.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.WebExtensionBrowserAction A BrowserMenu capable of displaying browser and page actions from web extensions. Browser menu builder with web extension support. It allows WebExtensionBrowserMenu to add web extension browser actions in a nested menu item. If there are no web extensions installed, the web extension menu item would return an add-on manager menu item instead. A browser menu item displaying a web extension action. Provides functionality to feature modules that need to interact with a web extension.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.WebExtensionDelegate Notifies applications or other components of engine events related to web extensions e.g. an extension was installed, or an extension wants to open a new tab. Facts emitted for telemetry related to the Addons feature.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.WebExtensionPageAction Feature implementation that opens popups for web extensions browser actions.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webextension.WebExtensionRuntime Entry point for interacting with the web extensions.  
mozilla.components.browser.state.state.WebExtensionState Value type that represents the state of a web extension. Provides functionality to make sure web extension related events in the WebExtensionRuntime are reflected in the browser state by dispatching the corresponding actions to the BrowserStore.  
mozilla.components.feature.toolbar.WebExtensionToolbarAction An action button that represents an web extension item to be added to the toolbar.  
mozilla.components.feature.toolbar.WebExtensionToolbarFeature Web extension toolbar implementation that updates the toolbar whenever the state of web extensions changes.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webnotifications.WebNotification A notification sent by the Web Notifications API.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webnotifications.WebNotificationDelegate Notifies applications or other components of engine events related to web notifications e.g. an notification is to be shown or is to be closed  
mozilla.components.feature.webnotifications.WebNotificationFeature Feature implementation for configuring and displaying web notifications to the user.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webpush.WebPushDelegate Notifies applications or other components of engine events related to Web Push notifications.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webpush.WebPushHandler A handler for all WebPush messages and subscriptions to be delivered to the Engine.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.webpush.WebPushSubscription A data class representation of the PushSubscription web specification. Regular expressions used in this class are taken from Android’s We brought them in to standardize URL matching across Android versions, instead of relying on Android version-dependent built-ins that can vary across Android versions. The original code can be found here: A TestWatcher junit rule that will serve content from assets in the test package.  
mozilla.components.feature.tabs.WindowFeature Feature implementation for handling window requests by opening and closing tabs.  
mozilla.components.concept.engine.window.WindowRequest Represents a request to open or close a browser window.  
mozilla.components.service.fretboard.scheduler.workmanager.WorkManagerSyncScheduler Class used to schedule sync of experiment configuration from the server using WorkManager  
mozilla.components.feature.readerview.onReaderViewStatusChange Function to relay the permission request to the app / user.