Upgrading to a newer version of App Services upgrades the dependencies for multiple components, so it can be prudent to run a quick smoke test before it lands to ensure new functionality works and there are no regressions in the existing components.

Automated PR testing

A quick first step is to run the automated smoke test on the Android Components PR by commenting:

bors try

This will run the test-ui-browser task, which will execute on-device tests of a sample browser built against the A-S version. If it’s totally broken, that should blow up.


The next step is to build a local version of Android Components against Fenix and test the followings items:

  • Check general storage components works by adding/editing/removing: bookmarks, history
  • Sign-in/Sign-up for Sync
  • QR code pairing for Sync
  • Changing settings in “Choose what to sync” updates on desktop and vice versa
  • Rename device and verify on desktop
  • Sync Now button works
  • Browse passwords, auto-fill, save new passwords, update them
  • Receiving tab works
    • This needs push messaging keys, but we can test this without keys by using the “Sync Now” button
  • Sending tabs
  • Synced Tabs shows results from another device and vice versa